Tis’ the Season for Second Jobs

Last year, in our November poll, we asked our readers to tell us why they’d consider taking a seasonal job. Most people said they wanted to get their foot in the door at a company with the hopes of getting hired full time after the holiday season.

This year, as the economic landscape worsens and the holidays are yet again upon us, we’d like to know where you stand on the idea of taking a second job as the holidays approach. Let us know by voting in our poll, and feel free to share your stories and comments in the comments section!


  1. Darren Smith

    Actually I work a full-time job and 2 part-time jobs year-round because of the condition that the economy is in. I am working long hours (up to 15 hour days) but at the end of the month I have enugh money to pay my bills (credit card debt, utilities, etc).
    I think nowadays a lot of people need to supplement their income and work more than one job to make ends meet. When ends don’t meet that is when people turn to credit cards and that is what racks up more debt causing you to take a 2nd and 3rd job!

  2. Beth Burris

    I currently do not have time for a second job as I am in the process of completing a graduate degree. In 2009, however, I hope to begin a secondary position teaching HR and other business management concepts to working adults enrolled in associate and bachelor degree programs.

  3. 2nd job b/c hours cut

    In tough economic times reality sets in everywhere. Times are tough. You have to make everything count. At my FT job my hours were cut to under 40. So now with the Holiday’s coming up, I am looking for a 2nd job to be able to afford to treat my children. Not only will I be doing that but hoping they will keep me on after the holidays so I can set some money back that I might need.

  4. Helen Braganza

    I have worked during the holiday season at a major clothing store, it is hard work. I would really like to have a second job year round. It helps with saving for a vacation and making ends meet….

  5. Harrison C. Cloke

    I am looking for a full-time job during the daytime due to being a single parent, I do work on the weekends part-time at a hospitality house, but would like to work a daytime job.

  6. David Macedo

    At the present time, I do have a full-time job. However, it’s not through Express. In the past, I have had the pleasure of working a variety of jobs through Express, but none of them landing a full-time opportunity. I have enjoyed my experiences through Express and, in the near future, I hope to return. Thank-you, so very much, for looking after me. You guys are awesome. Please, keep in touch.

  7. Johnnie Kellogg

    Yes, I’m looking for a second job to make ends meet and to have a little extra money in my hand. but the problem is that I work full time and my schedule rotates and the hours are not the best for finding a second job.

  8. Beverly Joness

    I’m currently unemployed, and is seeking employment with Express because after working with them before. I’ve come to find that they really put not just their clients, but the employees first as well. With that being said, that’s very important to me, to work for a company that values their people.

  9. Frances Rucker

    I am looking for a part time job to work holidays just move to Georgia looking for work as a part time worker when needed

  10. Gene Richardson

    Being unemployed for 4 months and having been discriminated against because of my age I filed banckruptcy and lost my home because no one will even interview someone my age which is 59

  11. Lorenoz Cantu Castaneda

    Yes I Like to take a second job not only because holidays are just around the corner. But because I’m struggling to make end meet with this economy. Eventhough I graduated not to long ago, its hard to get your foot in a company. It seems like the only way you can work for a decent company is if you no someone that works there.

  12. John Richardson

    I just wanted to thank Tara Tucker from Express Personnel for taking the time to keep me posted about working. She goes the extra mile for the company and the clients. I wish I had a job with a boss like her. John Richardson.
    Flag this messageRE: Application at ExpressThursday, November 13, 2008 4:55 PM
    From: “Tucker, Tara D.” View contact details To: rockhoundjohn@yahoo.com
    No problem. Just let me know if you see anything posted on our website that you are interested in or if you have any questions. It is slow right now, but things can always change.
    Tara Tucker
    Front Office Coordinator
    Express Employment Professionals
    4 Sunset Plaza, Suite 101 , Kalispell , MT 59901
    Office: 406/257-2255 Fax: 406/257-2432

  13. Michele

    I have a part-time job as private duty nurse. it pays really well but its only 4hrs a day. Some weeks its only 2 days a week. I have been loyal to my client for 2 and half years now. I would love to work around her, but her hours are right smack in the middle of the day, noon to 4. occasionally I will work a friday 8-4. If there was a morning job or night shift job I would be willing to do that. I am attending college for Network Systems Administration and really would love to start in office to gain experience from ground up while I earn my degree and move up in a company.

  14. Lisa

    I’ve been working a second, supplemental job for almost 2 years. I took it on to help towards paying of credit card debt which was accumulating over the previous 5 years. I was lucky to get a great part time job where I feel appreciated and I plan to keep working it as long as possible. The only drawback is that I’m usually too tired when I am have time off to enjoy social activities or volunteer my time. I wish I could have better financial security working fewer hours but as a single person living alone I have high “per-unit” costs. I expect to be working 2 jobs for the forseeable future unless sharing housing costs with someone becomes practical.

  15. Tony

    Well hi, I am new to Denver and eager to network. Until last month I held a Corporate Marketing and Sales position in advertising. I left because the transfer I was promised was blocked due to these economic times and I had already committed to buy a house here.
    Strange things are happening right now!!!
    I am skilled in internet marketing and print sales but will consider other sales positions.
    In answer to your question….yes I too would consider a second job just to protect my income.
    Good luck to everyone seeking work right now. Just remember…never give up.

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