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How to Work Through an Ice Storm

Work Through an Ice StormDecember is here, and for most parts of the country, winter is arriving in full force. The best way to avoid a wreck on the ice is to not drive at all. But, many people must drive through icy conditions just to make it to work. When you head to work in winter weather, keep these few tips in mind to ensure your commute is a safe one.

Plan for Inclement Weather.
If the forecast calls for bad weather overnight, plan for bad road conditions even if your local meteorologist has a reputation for not always being on the money. If you park outside, be prepared to de-ice your car in the morning. Wake up a little earlier to give yourself plenty of time to defrost your car and drive to work unrushed. If you do find yourself with little time to let your car’s defrost system kick in, spray de-icing solution onto your windshield. This can be found at your local automotive store or a homemade mixture of half water and half vinegar will work just as well. Be sure to not pour hot water onto your frozen windshield because it can crack the glass.

Pack Proper Equipment.
To be on the safe side, store jumper cables, a flashlight, a blanket, gloves, a bag of salt or cat litter, and an ice scraper and brush in your vehicle. Then you’ll be prepared to handle the worst no matter where you are. If you’re in the office when snow and ice arrive and you aren’t properly prepared, a credit card can work well as a makeshift ice scraper. Also, make sure your cell phone is always charged in case you get stranded and need to call for help.

Complete Your Tasks on Time.
Missing a deadline or coming in to work late due to inclement weather can cause headaches for you and your team. To help out in times like these, finish your work quickly and work ahead if you can during the winter in case a blizzard hits or schools get cancelled and you have to stay at home to take care of a child. You’ll be less stressed and not so far behind when you return to work. Also, if you foresee a storm, talk to your supervisor about tele-commuting or working from home.

By taking a few precautions and planning ahead before bad weather hits, you can avoid the perils of traveling to work in frigid weather. Drive safely!

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