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  1. Erik

    I allowed my emotional state to dictate my actions and walked out of a job I’d held for nearly four years. Rather than give it some thought and making a rational decision, I let my, rightly, pissed off mind talk me into quitting on the spot because of a “misunderstanding” that cost me $5k.
    In retrospect, I wish I’d slept on it and approached it from a calmer perspective. But there’d been a long history of crappy treatment by management and I’d just finished a grind of a project that was set to drive around a million dollars of new business into the company. And then my boss decided that there would be no commissions for the sales I’d generated leading into the event.
    Why yes, I’m still pissed off about it.

  2. Sheila

    I have several ideas:
    – How to Decide When to Quit. I have stayed too long at nearly every job I have had. The results were disasters – either firings or shotgun resignations. There were several red flags that told me to quit and I ignored them all.
    – My most recent blunder? Telling a coworker’s wife that he was laid off before he had a chance to. I had no malicious intent, but it slipped out. Don’t answer the phone in a state of shock! Now that I am unemployed, I’m planning to work part time and get my degree.

  3. Brenda K. Wilkinson

    My last security officer position I worked, it did not want to
    resign, because I just started the job. Last time I work for the security company, I ended up transferring to another branch in
    another city, where I had plenty of work, compared to working at the previous branch, whose the branch manager seems to be a control freak. So in order to be free, I resigned without thinking. So here I am not working, my bills are becoming late, my car payment past due., and most of my job experiences has been helping seniors in facilities, I worked as a companion aide
    a couple of times, worked in a manufacturing plant, inserting coupons in plastic bags to go into newspapers, which was easy work, I did that when I went to Daytona Beach in the 90’s.
    I planted sea oats on the beach in florida, as a temp.
    I laid sod as part of a team of other workers, along the interstate highways. Those were the days when I was on my own,
    and met a lot of people in passing. If I knew things were turn out they are now here in Williamsburg Virginia, I would have kept my manager position at the ARF, and stayed on my own, in
    stead of coming back home.

  4. Brenda Wilkinson

    I am now unemployed after resigning from a security company I used to work for a couple of years ago. I did not want to resigned, but I had no choice, because the branch manager told me that the clients at the the two Williamsburg sites, that I had worked at two years ago. I believe my colleagues then who are still working there now, and new colleagues, the majority are african-americans as underminded my job performance, making it look like I wasn’t doing my job as security. In the parking lot all you do is walk around you assigned post, and observed you surroundings for any trouble, suspicious characters, help shoppers with directions to the stores they want to shop (customer service),holding the glass doors for the shoppers who hands and arms were full of bags, to opening doors
    to handicapped shoppers coming out or going in the stores.
    I have to work, to pay my car payments, bills, I have notice some colleagues resentment my being back.
    Resigning was not a choice I wanted to make, I needed the job,
    and the deadlines of my bills are coming up. The branch manager
    on the Arby’s commercial where a lovely lady carrying a Arby
    food tray, and the way the guy looked, it made me think “what a
    pig?” It was funny! and disgusting at the same time, the commercial. I was hired one week, no schedule, the second week
    orientation to go over the SOP at the Prime Outlet Mall, pick
    uniforms, which comes out of your paycheck.
    I need to get my teeth extracted, and get some upper and
    lower dentures. So, I am applying for another security officer position.

  5. Sharon

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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