3 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

You’ve been interviewing for months, and you’ve finally received a job offer. Problem is, you found out that your prospective employer wants you to relocate. In this economy, many people are taking jobs when and where they can get them, but before you accept a job offer that will uproot your entire life and family, here are three things you should consider.


Your Spouse. If you’re married, talk it over with your spouse before you say “yes.” Accepting a job offer without consulting your partner could cause problems if relocating for a job wasn’t previously discussed. Taking a job in a new place not only changes your life, but it also affects your significant other. Depending on their career, they might not be able to find a similar job in a new city, or they might just not want to start over again in their career. Make sure you have talked it over with each other first before committing both you and your spouse to a life change.


Your Children. Other people you should think about are your children. Although you might not think that making this kind of decision should concern them, uprooting your children can have a big impact on them. Their age can play a role in how they will adjust. Obviously, if they are small, moving somewhere new might not be a big deal. But, if your children are older and involved in school, the community, or extra-curricular activities, taking them away from that could be very upsetting and difficult. Picking up and leaving for a new job might not be realistic for your family. So, make sure you take their feelings into consideration when determining whether or not it’s a good idea to relocate.


Your Friends. Finally, think about your friends. If you aren’t married or have kids, or even if you do, take into account how much your friends mean to you, and how much you mean to them. Consider what it will be like to leave your friends and start over in a new place without a support system of close peers. For some people, leaving behind close friends and family isn’t a concern, but for others, leaving loved ones behind could be the difference between success and failure.


Relocating for a new job could be just the exciting change you need. A new job in a new city could bring great, new opportunities and a thrilling new beginning, but make sure you consider all that moving entails before making a decision. You don’t want to find out later that accepting a job offer in a new place is costing you more than it’s worth.


  1. Mary Meginnes

    I have something to add to the consideration list. I have a mother that is able to take care of herself for the most part but there are some things she has trouble with and without me there to take care of them for her she would have some difficulties. I had a chance at a position out of state in my dream city but with my father passed away moving without my remaining parent was just not feasible.

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