A New Year, a New Job Market?

This time last year, we were talking about whether or not the economy was headed for a recession. Turns out, experts decided at the beginning of December 2008 that the economy had, in fact, already entered a recession in December 2007.

We asked our readers early last year to tell us their take on the job market. This year, we’re wondering the same thing. What do you think?

Are there more  or fewer jobs available where you live and work than this time last year? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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  1. Cassandra Smith

    I am amazed at the lack of employment opportunities. The only industry that seems to be maintaining or increasing their recruitment is the nursing and sales industries…a sign that consumers are still spending and need medical treatment at an increasing rate. I hope there will be credit and healthcare reform to follow these trends.

  2. Jerry Bishop

    With all the foreclosures being reported constantly in the news, wouldn’t you think the government would see the panic this is causing? Why don’t they tell us the number of foreclosures created because of the variable rate mortgages and bad loans vs. those that just normally happen anyway. If we had good information, the public would be more equipt to deal with problems. Right now, we don’t even know specifics and the government cannot seemingly get its’ act together enough to furnish the information in a CALM and accurate manner. I need to know if there is a genuine problem or is it one the news media is pushing in order to get attention. We need to know the accuracy because it would give the American people the tools needed in order to pressure the government to change its’ wasteful ways, make people who receive loans be more responsible personally and give insight into the corrupt “oversight” we have been paying individuals for many years to do, with, again, the government going along with its’ eyes closed and hoping the people will not come to realize just how much they have been taken advantage of. In my view it all starts with “Washington”. If our leaders are more interested in filling their pockets than protecting the well-being of our Nation, what can you expect? The people have to take their country back. I do not feel Obama has the expertise or knowledge to do anything less than create more of a problem than we already have. Unemployment will rise because of this and so will taxes. Just wait until inflation hits us. That will be the day when the people wake up, hopefully.
    These are just my opinions and they are expressed exactly the way I feel.

  3. Mary Pelich-Zuehlke

    I work in the Career Center at a local community college. We are seeing more adult community members that have been down-sized and now must return to school to get new skills sets for the changing job market. In addition, we are seeing a higher influx of students with a previous higher education degree applying for jobs for which they would previously have been previously termed “over-qualified.” In addition, many of these same folks have Bachelor’s degrees or trade degrees and are returning to the community college to train in a new skill.

  4. Frank Alaniz

    Employers are being cautious at this time when it comes to hiring. With the credit market so tight some employers feel it’s in their best interest at this time to not to fill some positions. Being from the Workforce Development arena we are seeing a declining number of jobs and the jobs that we are seeing are not “Replacement” wage positions. With total number of jobseekers increasing employers are able to interview a higher quality of candidates and offer a lesser salary. I’ve worked with several individuals who in the past would have never accepted positions at the rate of pay they are currently working for. My concern is that individuals who are currently looking for employment are only considering “Replacement” wage positions when they should be keeping an open mind and think about the total employment package not just the “Dollars”.

  5. Ruthie Mc Daniel

    The job market in my area is very bad, the newspaper for classified use to be 5-6 pages, now it’s 2. My job had a lay-off,people who have worked in the company many years, one who was employed when the company first opened 13 years. People say Just be thankful that you have a job, Yes, that is true, but for 9-10 years you worked overtime then you are dropped to 8 hrs,then you are now dropped to 5-6 hrs a day. A single person has struggled to save their home, mortgage companies are getting over, charging thousands for you to save your home. then you try and find other employment, but as of this year the jobs that are listed, medical, customer service, social services, the type of postions that people who have worked in production, warehouse, industrial for many years don’t have a chance. And yes it is all about the dollar, people are losing everything they have cause of what is going on in our goverment, country, to the point where the state may issue IOU for refunds, but the people can’t issue them an IOU if they have to pay back. What has become of us?

  6. Pam Reynolds

    I work in the clerical/customer service field and my position with a large, well-known non-profit in the Wixom area is being eliminated. I’m very discouraged that the only job postings I’m finding are all for “commission only” sales. My biggest issue is the fact that the current unemployment process requires that you apply for X number of jobs in a week to qualify for benefits and you’re not eligible if you turn down a job that is offered to you. Not everyone can “work with” a commission only position, but they’ll hire you in a heartbeat because they only have to pay you if you make a sale! I haven’t started making applications yet since I’m working through 2/11, but simply by taking the steps to post my resume and getting prepared to search in earnest, I’ve already had 10 offers emailed to me…all commission only sales. I’m hoping that I can qualify for job retraining so I won’t be required to take one of these “work for us for free” positions and can move into a different field where there is actually some demand instead of the greed that is being thrown my way.

  7. Mary Ford

    I have had three job terminations in the last six years.
    The last two times it took about a year to get a job offer.
    Needless to say, my finances are wrecked. A person who is
    unemployed or getting by on a tiny paycheck is not paying his/
    her fair share of taxes. I would think politicians would realize this and strive to create an environment where
    businesses can thrive and keep people employed. High employment
    obviously benefits government as well as individuals and
    businesses, because of the tax implications.

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