How Not to Ask for a Raise: Part 4 of 4

Peanuts_1 Never approach your supervisor asking for a raise with a cavalier attitude or a sense of entitlement. As a manager, nothing frustrates me more than when employees feel they deserve a raise just because they lasted another year.

If your significant accomplishments include being on time and meeting deadlines, you might think twice about asking for a raise because those are examples of just doing the bare minimum.

Raises – especially significant raises – are earned by being a top performer and demonstrating your value to the company. You have to be able to demonstrate how your company is better off because of your efforts or you aren’t likely to get a raise.

Prove why you deserve one – not that you need one because of poor financial choices or a bad economy.

You might not be able to receive a raise now, but look at where you can be in a year. Set your goals high and persevere, then this time next year you’ll be able to negotiate a well-deserved raise without making any mistakes.

Managers, please share your successes or tales of disastrous raise requests by commenting below.


  1. Gordon, the Pay Raise Maniac

    Once when I was a newbie, when it came to asking for a raise, I made a huge mistake: I asked my boss to give me an extra $200 at a party, in front of about 15 people, many of them colleagues of mine.
    Don’t do this guys! Asking for a raise in front of a crowd is a foolish thing to do.
    If your boss declines you, he will feel bad about it afterwards. If your boss does not decline your request, it will be because he doesn’t want to look scrimpy in front of the others.

  2. Sean

    I often hear stories of people asking for a pay raise because “the bills are due” or because “interest rates are going up.”
    Unfortunately the boss doesn’t give you a pay raise just because you’d like more money – they give you a raise because you are an investment and either make them money or save them time, and because it’s expensive for them to replace you.
    Think like a marketer and understand what your target market is looking for. If your boss is focused on improving customer satisfaction, collect some figures on how your results are better. If your boss is focused on improving sales then be sure to point all of the new customers you have won.

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