Quirky Workplace Habits – Have You Noticed Any?

In a typical work week, you spend about 40 hours with your co-workers – probably more time than you spend with your friends and family, or even sleeping. Since you spend so much time at work, you’re bound to notice your co-workers’ behaviors and quirky habits.

What other workplace habits do your co-workers exhibit? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Brenda

    whistling (I do this sometime) when here some else whistling)
    talking and laughing to themselves
    sometimes they are laughing at me

  2. Anonymous

    One of the female attorneys I work with pulls out either her head hair or eyebrow hair and then rubs the end of the folicle across her mouth. She will even do it during a conversation with you or just during her everyday routine – frequently during the day, every day. It makes me feel a little icky when she does it. I wish I knew why she does it.

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