Your Take on the Job Market: Job Optimism Poll Results

This past month, there’s been a lot of discussion about job creation, the economy, and how our country will move forward. Reports are showing that more jobs are on their way in a variety of industries, but nationally and locally, the debate rages on.

According to our latest monthly poll results, the majority of our readers report that they are not optimistic that more jobs are coming as a result of the economic recovery stimulus package.

Of the 1,260 votes cast, 61.2% of our readers responded “No,” they were not optimistic that more jobs are coming within the next six months, while 38.8% replied “Yes,” they were optimistic jobs are coming soon.

Over 35 of our readers shared their comments, ranging from concerns over paying for the stimulus bill to hopes that things will work out, come what may. To read more of their thoughts and comments, click here.

What about you? As states have begun to unveil their plans for job creation, are you growing more optimistic about the job market? What new jobs are being created at your state and local levels? Feel free to share your comments with us.

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