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Paint Your Destiny: How Colors Can Inspire Your Work

Imagine living in a world that is black and white – without blue skies, green grass, or an assortment of colorful flowers to inspire you and fill you with wonder. Living without color can make the world a pretty dull place, so why would you work in an environment that isn’t alive with color?

Research shows that colors can have an impact on our emotions and productivity in the workplace. Which colors should you surround yourself with while at work to motivate, inspire, and increase your productivity? Below are descriptions of how a few popular workplace colors can impact your work life.

Blue – This is a universal and natural color – from the blue skies to the blue oceans. Blue gives off a cool, calming effect and can make time appear to pass quickly. The color blue also portrays confidence and importance. Adding blue to your workspace will give the air of assurance and significance while helping you relax. But, be careful not to have too much blue. An overwhelming blue environment tends to emote sadness and depression. Try putting up blue picture frames or wall hangings to add just the right amount.

Red – This vibrant color is considered very passionate and radiates a sense of power, hence the red power tie or red carpet for events typically reserved for very important people. Adding a splash of red at your desk will grab others’ attention and keep you from fading into the background. It can also promote happiness. A little red goes a long way, so be sure to use just a little to be more effective. Try adding a splash of red with some carnations or other flowers.

Green – Green is the largest color spectrum visible to the human eye. It indicates growth and prosperity. Put shades of green around your desk to exude feelings of endurance, sturdiness, and reliability. These traits are valuable to the work environment and can give you, and your boss, a sense of loyalty and dependability. Bring in some plants from home to help tie in some green with your everyday work life.

Surrounding yourself with certain colors can help increase your productivity and enhance your mood. So, if these colors don’t inspire you, think of a place you feel most productive and take note of those colors. Then, incorporate them into your workspace to maximize your productivity and happiness.

What colors inspire you? Do you work in a space that drains your inspiration? Leave your comments in the section below.