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  1. Jeff

    Hey Guys,
    I’m an English Major, but I enjoy your advice blogs for most all careers/industries, especially the criminal green tech stuff.
    Anyway I just graduated and am considering Grad School in my near future. AND I noticed you don’t have a Grad School advice blog on your blogroll so I just wanted to share one with you. Its a good one “Hacking the PhD”-
    Thanks and keep up the great work.
    Jeff Girouard

  2. Karen

    Let me start by stating I am currently one of those 10% that is unemployed in N.C. I am collecting Unemployment Insurance but it’s getting ready to run out. I am mature, experienced, skilled in many areas of Business Administration/Management, I have applied for countless number of jobs, some I hear from, most I do not. My resume IS getting looked at, I am getting interviews, they like me, they want me BUT they do not want to pay for the experience, knowledge, skills, background,you get my point! Am I going to be forced into starting at the begining again where I was 25 years ago? HELP!

  3. kenneth

    have a part time job the past three years, is a oncall notice job have notice that am getting few an few calls for work found out younger people are geting to work almost none stop how do i ask why it is as have been told manytimes i am agood worker an get along with everyone.These new people have been with this company less than a year,but found out they have family that works in the same company,do i have any reason to be upset or is this normal in this ecomony

  4. usha makvana

    I want to wish Merry Christmas to people and I have made greetings in power point. How can I wish them by my presentation?

  5. Barbara

    I have an employee in my organization who constantly is denigrating other employees whether they are secretaries as she is or someone in a position above her. As the HR Mgr, I am at a loss as to how to counsel this person to be more courteous whether in speaking to or emailing. Can anyone give me some incite into how to handle this tactfully?

  6. Alexis

    Hi there, my name is Alexis and I am a writer for I am currently compiling a list of the Top 100 career-advice blogs and I would like to include your blog on the list.
    I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions so I could include more info about you and yourself on the list. It would have the same format as this list, which I wrote last month (
    Could you please send me an e-mail along with the title of your blog so I can ask you a few questions?
    Thanks ahead of time for your help, if you have any other questions about me or our blog let me know and I will be happy to answer them

  7. Jeffrey

    I’m very disappointed in the experience I had with the so called professionals at your Hickory,N.C. office. It’s a shame that with so many Americans out of work, they can’t apply for these jobs without going through an employment service such as yours. I read the handbook given to me from front to back, but was told by this office’s employee something totally different. They fail to tell you all of (their) rules. I would suggest they need to read the handbook for themselves. The consultant didn’t do what (he/she) told me they would do. I call it lies. Sure hope all EEP locations aren’t this way.

  8. Jeffrey

    I see that your company on deals with the positive feedback. In a perfect world that would great, but in today’s times you need both good and bad to better the company. I’ll take it as ExpressPros are as good as they need to be. People need to hear the whole truth, and not just what you want them to hear, otherwise you would’nt screen the comments in the way you do.

  9. Miranda Wilson

    I’m sorry that you were disappointed with your experience. Was the main concern with the employee handbook? Have you discussed this matter with your local Express office?
    We follow our comments policy on monitoring the blog ( We understand that you take the good with the bad.
    Again, I apologize that you had a disappointing experience. On this blog, it’s our goal to provide career advice on how to search for a job or advance in your career. If you have an issue with an office, we encourage you to follow back up with them.

  10. Cheryl

    Please tell me why employers want to pay such cheap wages. The wages my husband and I receive qualify us for medicaid, Food stamps, and very low taxes. We are both hard workers and we both have all “5 Work Traits Employers Love” that this article talks about
    Both of us have been in the work force for 30 plus years and because of lay offs we are now forced to start over. Entry level positions for companies that want $30 an hour work for only $10 an hour.
    We all want the economy to improve and tax revenue to go up, but we don’t want to pay our workers enough so that they actually have money to things.

  11. Lou

    I’m in a jam and would appreciate some advice.
    I finally found a job that I love. I’m excited to go to work every day, it’s in my chosen field, I love co-workers and my boss, as well as the company itself.
    My problem though is that I can’t actually survive off of what this job is paying me.
    My question is; what are my options? I know my boss is very happy with me, and I honestly think that he has a poor concept of what a working wage is…so do I mention my financial issues to him? Do I find a job offer and give him the opportunity to match the other job’s pay? Or do I just find another job and walk?
    I’m really torn about what to do next. Your advice is appreciated.

  12. Movin' On Up

    Hi Della,
    As an Express associate you may be eligible for our benefits. Check with your local Express office about the availability of holiday and vacation pay, medical insurance, and other great benefits you may qualify for. Thank you for teaming with Express; please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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