5 Booming Green Industries

The $787 billion economic stimulus plan signed by President Obama is intended to spur economic and job growth, helping the American economy and putting people back to work. Forty billion dollars of that plan is designed solely to create green jobs.

Many projects in several states are already underway with more in the works. According to MSNBC, there are 10 hot green job industries that are heading our way in 2009. Check out these five green industries highlighted below.

Advanced Biofuels – Green fuel originates from non-food crops, such as cornstalks or wheat straw, and emits 60% less greenhouse gases but performs like gasoline. Advanced biofuel production is expected to increase to 21 billion gallons per year in 2022, up from 2 billion gallons per year in 2012. This industry is expected to generate around 123,000 total new jobs, according to Bio Economic Research Associates. People looking for employment in this industry can expect to find jobs in agriculture, architecture, chemical engineering, chemical plant and systems operators, and more.

Building Retrofitting – Wasted heat and energy is a major concern on the global economy and residential, commercial, and public buildings are big contributors. The president’s administration wants to retrofit 10 million homes with energy saving materials each year until 2020. This is expected to generate nearly 1.25 million jobs directly and 6 million jobs indirectly. Positions in this industry include: home performance specialists, energy auditors, managers, marketers, and more.

Geothermal Energy – Natural – or geothermal – energy is created by steam and hot water produced from heated rocks underground. This industry is expected to create 100,000 construction and manufacturing jobs for up to five years and 23,000 permanent geothermal-plant jobs. Positions available in this industry vary from chemists to drivers to property managers to sales managers.

Green Chemistry – This industry works to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. Green chemists and engineers are needed to help reformulate products and replace 95% of the petroleum-based materials people use every day with nature-derived stock, according to the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute.

Green Manufacturing – This sector is comprised of mainly traditional manufacturing used to create new parts for green industries. Jobs in this industry are expected to increase by 1 million with, 2.5 million indirect jobs in related industries to support the manufacturing sector. Positions you’re likely to see in this industry are factory workers, health and safety officers, and managers, among many others.

So, if you’re looking to change directions in your career, or you’re like many Americans who are out of work and in search of hope, these hot green jobs could be your ticket to a growing career. 

To see the top 10 hottest green job industries and more positions in these industries, check out MSNBC’s green jobs article.

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