In this Recession, Are You Planning a Vacation from Work?

It’s that time of year when people traditionally start making summer vacation plans. But the annual summer vacation has taken a hit as the recession has worn on. Last year, reports showed that consumers were already buckling down by planning to save money in lieu of taking a vacation.

But, experts say that as economic woes have continued to increase stress levels over the past year, this year, more people may feel the need to take a break from work and spend time with family or friends.

Want to share your specific thoughts on taking a vacation in this recession? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of this post!


  1. Helen

    Yes, I believe everyone has to get away from the job for at least a full week. Even if it is only staying at home and enjoying your own town. I try to take a nice vacation, meaning Hawaii, Europe, someplace like this every other year. It does one good to relax and not be on a schedule. At least it is for me. I am now trying to save for Paris, November 2010.

  2. Alex22

    Oh yes! I have been working hard during the recession, so I deserve some vacation to relax. I am looking forward to experiencing the Caribbean for the summer to Charlisangels resort. It is an affordable all inclusive resort villa for signles and couples. I hope to get the chance to indulge in the affordable resort. I assume that there are many other affordable places around that we all can share, hopefully a place without breaking what is left of the bank ^_^ Any Suggestions within the continental US? (Hawaii is too expensive

  3. joy

    I am planning to visit my parents in the Philippines for 2 weeks in Sept. It would be an awesome time with them and my siblings. Glorious Sun and healthy food with servants pampering me, lots of beaches to go to and manicure/pedicure for $5. It will be an absolute vacation!

  4. Bob S

    In this economy, stress is at an all time high. Sticking to a normal schedule as much as possible is my way of combatting that stress. That includes normal vacation plans, which I have made and am looking forward to.

  5. zee

    Ha, as tradition shows us, the majority (76%) are in denial about the economy, and about the levels of support they no longer have. Yup. Vacations are the hugest waste of money in one’s budget, because food and lodging, not to mention travel, are on average FOUR TIMES more expensive than where one lives.
    But go for it, peeps, enjoy it until it’s gone…

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