Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

Good Ole’ Fashion Job Search Tips

With fast-paced technology and social media sites exploding all around us, it’s no wonder job seekers spend the majority of their time submitting résumés online and using networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to conduct their job search.

As a professional in the communications world, I understand first-hand the importance of social media and the purpose it provides job seekers, employers, and businesses across the world. Often, I recommend these vehicles to job seekers who are looking to make connections. Although the web is a very powerful tool, it’s not the only way. My brother reminded me of that just the other day.

After months of searching for jobs online, he finally decided to go back to the basics. He hit the streets with his freshly printed résumé and went door-to-door. One week later, he found a job – not just any job, but a well paying job.

So, what that tells me is that it’s not only important to use the internet and network, but it’s equally important to get out there and hit the streets, going face-to-face with the people who make the hiring decisions.

So, whether you’re from a younger generation or if you’re part of the seasoned workforce, don’t underestimate the power of the good ole’ fashioned job search advice.

  1. Update your résumé frequently to highlight your strengths and sell your skills. 
  2. Dress for success by putting on your best interview outfit.
  3. Make a list of the places you want to submit your résumé to.
  4. Call the company you want to work for to inquire about job openings and to get the name of the director of human resources.
  5. Hit the streets. Go to each of the places on your list, walk in the front door, and request to speak with the HR director using his or her name. You never know, the front desk receptionist might think you have an appointment, especially if you got a name from an earlier phone call.

If you’re only searching for jobs online – you’re competing with millions of other job seekers. Plus, you might miss out on some job opportunities that aren’t posted online. So, separate yourself from the pack by using some traditional techniques.

Either way, you can get your résumé in their hands with a face-to-face meeting and have a contact person to follow up with. It might not work every time, but hey, it does work. Just ask my brother!