Falling Behind on the Job? Pick Yourself Up and Start Again

With more to do at work and less time to do it in, some job responsibilities – big and small – can easily fall through the cracks. Incomplete or missed projects and tasks can affect your job performance, your co-workers, and your company. So, ask yourself if it’s time to start changing your habits. Whether you’re learning the roles of a new job, trying to break time-wasting habits, or simply don’t have enough time in your day to accomplish every assignment, follow these steps to get back on track before you get further behind.

Step 1: Admit mistakes. When you’ve made a mistake or overlooked a project, admit your error and accept responsibility for it. Set a time with your supervisor to discuss the oversight, how you can fix it, and how you can prevent the mistake from happening again. Your employer will appreciate your honesty and your desire to improve. Then, together, you can come up with a solution that will keep you on top of your tasks and performing to your potential.

Step 2: Ask for help. If you’re struggling to accomplish your tasks in a timely manner, or to understand an assignment, ask for help. Your manager or even a co-worker may be able to give you insight into how to tackle a task more effectively. They can also be a source of encouragement when you begin to feel frustrated.

Step 3: Create new habits. Bad habits like tardiness and procrastination hamper your productivity and job performance. Dr. Rob Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Montclair State University once said, “First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” That’s why, you must first identify the habits that are overtaking you and your work week so you can begin to replace them with habits that will serve you. It takes an average of 21 to 30 days to create a habit. So make it a priority to fix your bad habits. For example, if you struggle with being prompt to work, work hard to be early for the next 30 days until it becomes a habit to arrive on time every day.

Step 4: Remember that tomorrow is a new day. Every new day brings with it endless opportunities to learn, grow, and change. If you feel discouraged and behind at work, remember that tomorrow is a new day. Starting now, you can embrace a new outlook, leaving yesterday behind, so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your projects head-on.

When you feel overwhelmed or just bored by a project, it’s tempting to put it off. But procrastination only makes the situation worse. Before you fall behind at work, seek out solutions that will help you accomplish your projects with efficiency and ease, whether it’s simply asking for help or breaking bad habits. Fulfilling all of your job duties to the best of your ability will leave you feeling secure, proud of your accomplishments, and ready to face new challenges.


  1. Laurie | Express Yourself to Success

    Good article.
    It can be hard to admit mistakes, but when you do and can offer a solution to rectify it makes it easier to talk about. It also shows that you can recognize your shortcomings and are working towards improvement. Sometimes, the way you correct a mistake can make you look good in the end.

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