This Summer, Are You Looking for a Second Job?

Summer job season is upon us, which means opportunities for seasonal employment are beginning to open up. Six months ago, we asked if readers were looking for a second job to make it through the holiday season.

Today, with a reported economic upswing on the horizon, we want to know if you’re looking for a second job this summer season.

Let us know by voting in our poll, and feel free to share your summer job search stories in our comments section!


  1. R. Mayhall

    I would have added yet another option: I already have a second job in order to make ends meet.

  2. Alicia

    I agree with Mayhall. That was the option I had looked for, “No, because I already have a second job.” I’ve had two jobs now for ten months. 🙂

  3. Mike Walker

    One of the best ways that I have coped with the job market is to be deliberately oblivious to the fact that the economy is not in good standing. I go through looking for summer employment yearly, since I worked for a school district. It’s a challenge looking for a job anytime of the year. But there are jobs out there for other individuals even if I don’t get the job I want. I don’t need discomforting news to make me feel any worse. I try to stay positive, have a plan, and know that a higher power will help!

  4. David

    My job is the answer to the following question:
    Name the only job in America that requires a four year degree plus certification, yet offers no sick pay, no vacation pay, no holiday pay, no health benefits, no opportunity to collect unemployment when layed of each summer, and whose average wages are less than a high school dropout?
    The answer: Substitute Teacher
    I am looking for summer work to help make ends meet.

  5. "Lifesings Julia"

    I am a Special Ed teacher but since my contract was not renewed at either of my first two districts, I had to work in production. We live in a small town. So I have been studying wellness and creativity coaching. I have one certification but it included only 21 contact hrs–hope to get a better one and begin helping clients soon. This is an idea for anyone out there that is a professional out of work. So many people are in transition and need a personal coach!

  6. Sharon Atkinson

    I’m looking for call center customer service or any type of work in the Pittsburgh, Greentree, Oakland, or any place near those areas.

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