Recession Checkup: How’s Your Career?

Well over a year into one of the steepest recessions in decades, reports say things are beginning to look up for the economy. But, as the economy struggled, so did the workforce with rising unemployment rates, rocking the world of work from the inside out. Everyone has a different career story, and situations impact people differently, depending on personal motivations and financial situations. So, we want to know what this recession has meant to your career. Has it been a time of struggle or of success?

Your career may have been affected by several factors, but which has had the greatest influence on you – not just on your current job or financial situation, but on your whole career story? Let us know by voting in our online poll, and share your recession career stories in the comments below.


  1. Susanne

    I am a Human Resources Specialist for a company, so the recession for me meant personally dealing with laying off a significant number of people from our organization. While the experience wasn’t fun by any means to have to personally deliver the bad news to each person it was a good experience for my career. Having graduated from University 5 years ago, this was my first experience with a industry downturn and having to layoff employees. So for me the recession has been a bit of a success story for me. I’ve added valuable experience to my resume. When the market does turn around I think I will be a much more marketable professional.

  2. Don

    My career was extinguished through the influence of imports and the recession! I have now been out of work for a year as it seems there are very few organizations interested in 60 year old folks when they have so many young folks that have all this “vast” experience now days.

  3. Lehua

    The question on the earlier page asked, “Has it been a time of struggle or of success?”
    I would answer that for me, it has been a time of successful struggle. It has not been easy to make ends meet and to go about living my life but I have been doing it. It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment to know I’ve achieved that. I know I am one of the lucky ones and I am truly grateful. I know things can only get better and I hope to be able to stick it out.

  4. monica robinson

    its hard tryin to find a job or a career in this rec.ession.and im not likeing that fact no one is tryin to hire. some people wants to work.but we cant until obma gets this sraight

  5. Clive Johnson

    The recession is a multifaceted monster when it comes to affecting the daily lives of people. For one, many people have lost their jobs and anybody who is searching for a job are finding fewer opportunities and lower pay. Secondly, those who kept their existing jobs have found that their benefits have been slashed, duties increasing due to downsizing, and work/life balance has been negatively affected. However, this recession can be seen as a blessing in disguise – for one, it kick-started my education. I enrolled in administrative assistant training ( and quickly found a new, better job.

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