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What’s the Most Important Soft Skill Today?

In today’s job market, soft skills are as important as ever for landing a job, no matter what the position. But which is the most important soft skill to cultivate in today's job market? We want to know your take. 

If you’re a job seeker: which of these skills have you been seeing most as you look through job listings?

If you’re an HR professional or hiring manager: what soft skill are you highlighting most when you advertise positions? Let us know in the poll below:

More On Soft Skills
Essentially, these are skills or qualifications you can use in different jobs, not experience levels, educational requirements, or technical skills required for a specific position. Soft skills also happen to be the most common denominator in all job listings, regardless of field, industry, or experience.
Did we miss one? Want to pick more than one top soft skill? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!