Daily Archives: September 17, 2009

Is Your Dream Job Taking over Your Real World Expectations

As children growing up in the land of opportunity, we’re told to dream big dreams for our future, and we usually do. In a poll conducted by Forbes magazine of children in New York City between the ages of 5 and 12, the most common results for their grown-up dream jobs included superhero, spy, model, firefighter, astronaut, and princess.

While some of us do grow up to be heroes who walk on the moon, fight fires, or gather international intelligence, most of us quickly discover that superhuman abilities are difficult to come by (as are the legs of a model and prince charming, sadly), but we all still pursue that “dream job,” no matter how it changes over time. But what if the dream job you’re pursuing is taking over your real world expectations? Could you be missing out on opportunities, purpose, and gratification in your current position, your job search, or even your future career for the sake of a dream?

For some, the image of becoming one’s own boss who sets their own hours and answers to no one may sound like a dream come true, but successful entrepreneurs dedicate vast amounts of time, finances, drive, and labor to build their business. The eight to five, Monday through Friday work week becomes a forgotten concept as they strive toward their goal. They’re responsible for the welfare of their employees, their family, their business, and the satisfaction of their clients.

Dreams, goals, and visions are imperative to every life, individually and collectively. It is so important to dream big, to have vision, to set goals, to work toward those goals, and achieve new heights, but it’s also important to find knowledge, experience, and value in your current circumstances and to know the realities behind your dreams and what it takes to achieve them. So if you’re dissatisfied at work, find ways to gain knowledge and learn life lessons you can use in every future endeavor. If you’re searching for a new job, consider all your options even if they don’t seem like a straight shot to your dreams. And, if you’re taking steps to achieve your castle in the sky, prepare and plan for the realities and sacrifices that come with it. Relish your weekends, love your life, kiss frogs, be a superhero to your family, and enjoy each and every moment. If you do, you’ll always feel like you’re walking on the moon.