How to Follow Up after an Interview with a Staffing Company

Staffing companies receive hundreds of applications and résumés each day from individuals looking for work. With so many job seekers vying for a staffing agency’s attention, it’s important you do what you can to assist staffing consultants in your job search. To increase your chances of landing a job, try these tips after interviewing with a staffing company to help you stay top of mind.

Call. First and foremost, staffing companies are there to help you find a job. Don’t be afraid to call after your interview to find out if there are any jobs available. Also, check with your staffing consultant to find out if they prefer a weekly or daily call for job inquiries.

Check. Depending on the staffing agency you choose, there may be certain guidelines to follow when inquiring about job openings. For example, some staffing companies may have a separate phone number for job opportunities, while others may post openings online. Check with your staffing consultant to ensure you know the process.

Update. If you have any changes to your personal information, résumé, job specifications, or qualifications, let your staffing consultant know so they can update your file. These changes could increase your chances of landing a job and help the staffing company market you to their clients.

Although finding you a job is their top priority, they can’t do it without your help. Stay in contact with your staffing agency by following these tips, and help the staffing company help land you the job you want.


  1. Ask a Manager

    Hmmmm. For most staffing companies, their top priority is NOT to find you a job. They get paid by the employers, and their top priority (rightly) is to fill those positions with the best candidate. Job seekers need to understand that, so that they can manage their expectations appropriately.

  2. Melanie

    I am a job seeker. I whole-heartedly agree with the previous post. The staffing company’s top priority is to find and secure contracts with employers with open positions. After that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing these days as job seekers seem to be a dime-a-dozen.

  3. Billneufeld

    I’m not sure how filling a position with the “best candidate” and helping a job seeker find a job are exclusive of each other. We’re all in this for own interests…to make a living. This means for the staffing company to win, the job seeker finds work and the client gets their work done. There’s a million variations on how this comes about and the numbers can vary depending on the season, the economy or the unemployment rate. But as a recruiter, one thing is constant: I want to get paid and I want my candidates to get paid too.

  4. John

    I have a different situation. A company pulled my resume from a job board. The owner conducted a phone interview with me for an hour. Then called me in for a face to face interview for 2 hours. After which time he said” I would definitely like to continue our dialogue for this position call me on Wednesday”‘
    No time was discussed because he wasn’t sure of his schedule.
    I sent an e-mail in the early morning suggesting some times and follow up that up with a voicemail later on in the day. I haven’t heard anything. What’s my next step?

  5. Jennifer

    I think what you did was spot on with how to follow up after an interview. If you haven’t heard anything within five days, there is nothing wrong with calling again to check the status of the position. Chances are, the person you interviewed with probably just got busy and hasn’t had a chance to return your call. There is nothing wrong with trying to touch base again. If you try to get in touch with the interviewer and they still do not respond, don’t let it discourage you. Continue your job search because you never know what other opportunities await you. Good Luck.
    Jennifer | Express Job Blogger

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