Is There a Pay Raise in Your Future?

On the minds of many individuals is whether or not they will see an increase in their salary in the next year. With a new year just around the corner and hope for the economy on the rise, the future looks brighter. So what about your future? 


  1. Andrew

    I do believe that a pay increase will occur this next year however it is more evident that this increase may only mitigate some of the inflationary pressures that exist in the economy. Yes an increase will occur but will be less than that of inflation which in turn will result in a reduction of buying power. Hence no true gains will be realized just more dollars with less value.

  2. Amy

    What inflation? We are in a period of deflation (inflation rates in 2009 are negative) which is more dangerous. Colorado is actually reducing the minimum wage come January 2010.
    I worry less about pay increases than pay cuts to react to deflationary times.

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