This Holiday, Do You Need a Second Job?

Every six months, we try to get a pulse on whether or not people are looking for second jobs. With the holiday season approaching and employers starting to ramp up hiring, we want to know if you plan on getting a second job.


  1. H Young

    Of course Im looking for a second job. Not just for the holidays. I am a state employee and now the government is taking 25% of my pay. I make less that $2000 a month to start with and now, well, of course I’m looking. Just wish there was something out there that I could do to make up the difference and maybe make ends meet. Then of course the question arises of when will I see my children?????

  2. James Taylor

    It certainly,is a tough time of the year,with the holiday’s coming around and the economy being what it is a job period. let alone a second job is definatly necessary.i am certainly in need of a second job.

  3. D. Apawu

    I am looking for a job because am currently unemployed. I’ve changed my career from office assistance to IT field and currently looking for anything that might be available for me.

  4. Maxine Miller

    I have not been employed full time since May of 2007, have had several temp assignments, I’m in search of full time employment as an Administrative Assistant.

  5. Jeniffer Marwa

    I am currently not employed I am sereously looking for a job I will appreciate any offer, part time or full time job. I am avaluable immediately.

  6. Sara

    I need a second job for two reasons. One, to support my children and fiance and two, pay back student loans and give my children any king of Christmas. I don’t care what the job entitles, I need money!

  7. Jill Morris

    No, I don’t need a second job. I have a part time job and I am on Social Security and I have an annuity and a hefty savings account. My finances are in great shape despite this crappy economy. I had the sense to save money when I was making good money years ago and now I am reaping the benefits.

  8. R Nelson

    Households with two incomes, don’t realize what it is like for a single white male to try and make ends meet. I am not eligible for any assistance and I am still expected to pay high rent and all the other monthly expenses. Just wait until all of the new liberal programs start to be deducted from our checks, hold on to your rearend.

  9. Serverra Jones

    I have not been employed full time since October of 2008, have had several temp assignments, I’m in search of full time employment as an Administrative Assistant.

  10. Evelyn Bevis

    I am looking for something part-time or full time. I am currently working a job where my hours have been cut twice in a year. So, I am looking to acquire more income. I would like to put an application in at G & D as an Office Clerk.

  11. Alan D. Swanson

    I would like to get back into the work force. I have been unemployed very few times in my work career. I would like to reenter the work force.

  12. Alan D Swanson

    I own and manage two 4-plexes in Kalama, WA I have always done this on the side since l975. My renters have a good relationship with me. I may have to sell them if I cannot work at another job at the same time. I won”t be able to make payments on my equity loans. I do enjoy activity in other fields.

  13. joel hernandez

    I’m am look for a part-time job so I can pay off some of my bill and save some money for my wedding and buy a house for my family and to support my two grils. Need A.S.A.P. Thank You

  14. Christy M

    I have a full time job and I can barely pay my bills with the income I am currently making. I am starting college part time in January but I need a short term second job for Christmas and to maybe save some money for interest payments for college.

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