Give Back and Add Holiday Cheer to Your Résumé

If you’re looking for a job this holiday season, now is the perfect time to spruce up your résumé with community involvement. A résumé that illustrates activity and involvement outside work demonstrates a well-rounded individual with a diverse range of skills, talents, and background. All of these characteristics could help you stand out like a brightly lit Christmas tree in your next interview.

Community involvement not only establishes your character, work ethic, and abilities, it also shows a potential employer you’re worth investing in, that you have history, interest, attachment, loyalty, and care within and for your community. Traits that also translate to a good employee. As an added bonus, volunteering for a local charity or at an event is a great way to network and give back. And what better time to start giving back and brightening your résumé than in the season of giving?

Not sure where to start? Begin with your passions and interests. If you are a runner, consider organizing or volunteering for a local Santa run. If you like working with children, get involved with your local children’s hospital or an organization like Toys for Tots. An energetic and outgoing individual who isn’t afraid to bust out an a cappella carol is everyone’s favorite Salvation Army bell ringer.

The sky’s the limit, so start with something you enjoy and care about. It’s a great way to make someone’s day brighter, and make your résumé shine like tinsel.


  1. Leslie Wetter

    Volunteering always helps. I believe that volunteering always helps me to fill in the time. It can always help to get the right job. I started with volunteering in the office of the Grotto as a receptionist. I know that will help.

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