Are You Optimistic About the Job Market?

As the economy continues to improve, experts anticipate an increase in jobs this year. They are also forecasting issues with employee retention, as they believe many will job hop into a new opportunity.

What are your thoughts about the job market, whether you currently have a job or not? As we begin 2010, do you think the job market is going to be better in the next six months?


  1. daniel venney

    i dont believe that the recession is over yet we still have no jobs out there hopefully it will p0ick up.It hard to say i grandholm stays in there and obama nobody will have jobs

  2. Douglas Ostrander

    Ive been out of work For a year and Im truly getting tired of hearing about Obama;s so called plan to create astimulus plan to create more jobs. at this point I feel theres no hope right now for me personally ;but Im still trying. In 58 years old and im feeling very low at the moment.

  3. Don Vance

    I find your job market survey very interesting to see how close the two groups are with regard to those who believe the market will pick up within the next 6 months, to those who are less optimistic.
    I started an “Unemployed Professional Networking Group” and yesterday was our first meeting. In our group we asked the same question. One of the individuals who responded to this question had a very positive outlook and another individual in our group responded with a less than favorable reponse.
    Interesting fact; today, I received a call from the “Optimistic” individual and he was just awarded a very good position.
    My take from this survey is that those who are optimistic will find that “next” opportunity, while those that are not positive, will provide more opportunities for those of us who are positive about the outlook.
    I truly belive it is all about your “attitude.” Keep your mind off the things you don’t want and on the things that you do want. We must all keep positive and keep the media at bay, because they don’t like to report good news and we all know it. Good news does not sell as well as negative news.
    Don E. Vance
    Unemployed – since 1-15-2010
    Positve – “I will find a great opportunity soon!”

  4. Cathy Z.

    I am fortunate that I have been able to find a good position. I had to travel over 900 miles to get it, and my husband and I are living apart at present, but at least I have work. I would like to send an encouraging word to those workers who are out of work, such as Douglas, particularly the middle-age people, because I was in those shoes for two years. Don’t give up. You are not alone. It will get better. Take care.

  5. kiema michel

    A great deal of people who have lost their jobs don’t know what to do because of the crisis. It would be very difficult to find ways and means which would help us to find solution. The money which has been borrowed by the banks is not used in enterprises,but it is used for speculations. The traders seem to be the most important people in the world,because the have invented new devices to bribe. The corruption in the économic world has reached the worst level.Never before have we seen such tricky people. They have played truant on the honest people who work hard to feed their families.

  6. Melanie

    Mr. Vance,
    You may want to find out how long those with a less than favorable opionion have been unemployed. You havent been out of work long so you are not yet at the point of hopelessness

  7. David Carter

    Don’t forget that who you know is far more important than what you know or what you can do. This is especially true in engineering, which is totally corrupt in its employment practices. I know this because it has already happened to me, and I was outraged and enraged. Education, degrees and certificates may look good on paper but they aren’t worth spit when you actually go looking for a job. It’s whether or not you know someone at the place you apply or they know you that counts.

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