Text Messages Crossing the Line?

Cell phone text messaging has changed the way we communicate, the way we operate, and even the way we do business. It’s direct and instantaneous. And, with more than a third of the world texting, it’s becoming a more prevalent and often preferred means of communication.

But, like most technological advances, text messaging can have some unintended consequences. According to experts, “textual” harassment or sexual harassment that occurs via text messages is on the rise in the workplace.

With text messaging becoming a part of everyday business more and more, is it affecting you at work?


  1. Forrest Fuster

    I think the more rules you make the more freedoms we lose. Just be responsible for yourself.
    The main reason text messages are lousy, is because they are impersonal and lacking in complete detail.
    However, text messaging and cell phone use are essential to my Job; especially with the use of mobile email over Microsoft Exchange.
    Without such technology, I would be out of touch. I think the need for the use of cell phones really depends on the industry you are in.

  2. Jennifer

    Texting at work for business purposes should be fine. As long as the individual uses it for such.
    As an Office Manager/Bookkeeper, time efficiency is key. Sometimes it would be MUCH more efficient if I could text a short message with a callback number to my employer, rather than calling him and waiting for him to find a pen & piece of paper to write it down – as well as listen to all the residual conversations while I’m relaying a message that should only take 15 seconds versus 15 minutes.
    Anything other than work related texts should just be deleted.
    Technology is Great! People forget that the convenience doesn’t mean it’s a Right to infringe on other people’s time.

  3. P J K Brantford

    Responsibility is the key…means of communication will always change, one day Texting will be primative…companies need to set policies and guidlines for harrassment / violence … regardless of the vehicle the violation travels…text, email, pigeon, its all communication.

  4. Alex

    Very good article, as someone who works extensively in this area I can say it is a very up and coming market for small business.

  5. Gervase Tinsley

    If the cell phone is supplied by the company, then the company owns it and is just letting the employee use it and therefor can control how it is used. It is the same with the company’s computers. Most companies excercise discipline over the use of their computers. Employees sometimes get so used to using things issued to them by the company that they think it belongs to them. It doesn’t!

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