Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

23% Have Received Inappropriate Texts from Co-Workers, Poll Finds

As mobile technologies continue to become more widespread, they are making an impact on the workplace. But have you ever considered how cell phone text messaging affects the workplace?

According to our latest poll, which received 512 responses, 23% of respondents say they have received an inappropriate text message from a co-worker.

Experts say many people have a false sense of security when sending texts.
But sending an inappropriate or offensive text message to co-workers is a form of sexual harassment. In fact, laws and statues have been amended to include e-mail and text messaging regarding sexual harassment.

It’s never ok to send lewd or sexually suggestive texts or e-mails to co-workers. But, also be aware that easily misconstrued messages, or even those with smiling or winking emoticons may make a message seem inappropriate to someone else. So, think twice before you hit “send,” to a co-worker.