The Networking Wars: Does Online or In Person Work Best?

With record high unemployment rates and the rapid adoption of social networking across generations, this past year there has been a big focus on using social networking for the job hunt. At the same time, people are going back to the basics of the job search as they attempt to uncover every avenue available to land the job.

Networking in general is one of the most important tools in the job seeker’s arsenal. And having a good mix of social networking and in-person networking is your best bet for a broad-reaching job search. But in today’s job market, we want to know what you think. Which works best?


  1. Dan Pincus

    Networking in person allows people to start a relationship. I am always in amazement when people refer people that they don’t know. It is possible to do business without meeting each other, however in my experience the relationship is the beginning of the qualification if I trust someone and want to work with them.

  2. Donna

    Networking in person allows you to put a name with a face and start a business relationship. Whether looking for work, changing careers or expanding sales and getting your name out there. Then a source such as LinkedIn is good way to keep abreast or find those you loose contact with.

  3. Chuck Rice

    I don’t know that you can do one or the other. Face to face will always continue to be important, however online networking is better for staying in touch and discussing a variety of topics to a larger audience. I’ve found that seeing a post or message from someone in the middle of my business day causes me to act immediately, as long as I’ve built some face to face relationship.

  4. Lloyd Welch

    Networking in on line is the first step to putting people looking for work together with people hiring. The next logical step is to put the people together because, not all experience a person gains during a life time can be put on an application. Although I have never worked in auto mechanics I have wotked on my own personal vehicles all my life. Also I have worked with computers for many years and have extensive knowledge in up keep. I have started college to put paper behind the knowledge I have but, that can not be put on an application.

  5. Ruth

    Networking online cuts cost in travel and allows more time to juggle responsibilities. With the advancement in technology, meetings and conferencing are moving to a new level; web meetings/conferences (audio/visual)is beginning to be the norm which saves time and money.

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