You Texted What?

R u a txtr? Text messaging has become one of the most common ways people communicate. Research conducted by Nielsen Wire, found that more than 2.5 billion texts are sent daily in the U.S. And according to a recent article on’s Technoblog, 87% of teens and 72% of adults are text messaging.

Today, texting seems to be the communication tool of choice for many because it’s easy to do and quicker than calling someone to have a conversation.  For example, you can send a quick text to tell someone something like C U @ 545 instead of getting caught in a long conversation.

But, texting isn’t just for personal use anymore. It’s being used more and more in the workplace and becoming a common communication tool between managers and employees. Some managers are OK with allowing employees to text to discuss work-related issues like taking a sick day, reporting a family emergency, or dropping a quick line to say they’re running late. But, are there some things that shouldn’t be texted? In the survey conducted by Nielsen Wire, it was also discovered that 11% of college students and recent college graduates think it’s OK to text a manager when resigning from a job.

As technology continues to change and more generations entering the workforce, communication on the job continues to change. As an employee, it’s important for you to know what your manager’s thoughts are and what your company’s policies and preferences outline regarding text messaging on the job.    
Does your job already have texting rules in place? Would you or have you ever texted your boss to say you’re sick or that you’re resigning? Share your thoughts with us!


  1. Kobie

    I work in HR and I have to say it would be completely inappropriate for an employee to resign via TEXT. I live in South Africa, and our labor law generally requires a 1 month notice period when you resign (depending on how long you’ve been employed). Also, HR needs to keep resignation letters (like all other HR documents) on file, and how would I go about “filing” a text?? I’m a little surprised at the stats on this 🙂

  2. jobe

    In any position, if you’re resigning, calling in sick, reporting an emergency that have you, always call in. I sure would never text. That is unprofessional.

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