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All Onboard! Wow Your Employer In 90 Days or Less

Wowyouremployer The first day on a new job can re-ignite the feelings of the first day of school. Your nerves are jittery. Your heart is beating fast. Your breathing is shallow. Thoughts race through your head like, “Will my co-workers like me?” or “What if I mess up or don’t know what I’m doing?” After you’ve been through all the interviews and reference checks, you finally have landed the job. Now, it’s all systems go. It’s time to show your new employer what you’re made of and reinforce the reasoning behind why you were hired.

From the minute you walk through the door on that first day of your new job, your onboarding process has begun. Traditionally, it’s during the first three months of employment where you’re expected to learn the ropes and become familiar with your job and the goals of your company and department. This is your chance to shine, so here are a few tips to help win over your new employer in 90 days or less.

Stay calm. As easy as it is to let the newness of everything overwhelm you, try to remain calm. Instead of dwelling on “what ifs” think about what you can do. There was a reason why you got offered the job over other potential candidates. You have the skills, so just remind yourself of that fact.

Have a positive attitude. Not only will your employer be watching you during these first 90 days, but your teammates will be too. It’s important to have a positive attitude at all times.  When you first meet your co-workers, extend a confident handshake, make eye contact, smile, and let them know how glad you are to be part of the team. These signals will help break the ice and communication barriers, letting others know you’re approachable. Continue to remain positive as you go about your daily job. Know that every new job brings challenges. A good attitude is contagious – it just takes one person before it starts to catch on with others.

Also, get to know your co-workers. These individuals can help you learn the ropes at your new job and answer any questions you may have, so start now by developing a good relationship with them.

Familiarize yourself with department processes. You’re joining a team that already has a work plan outlined. What is that plan and how do you fit into it? Learn how the team functions. Some basics include discovering if there is a clock-in/clock-out process, designated times for going to lunch or taking breaks, safety procedures, codes for using the printer, and more. Ask questions early on so you can quickly get up to speed and not accidentally step on anyone’s toes because you didn’t know the rules.

Learn your responsibilities. What is your job description? Ask your manager if you can have a copy for your personal records so you know exactly what’s expected of you. The tasks on your job description will play a major role in determining whether or not you’ve achieved your goals when it comes to review time.

Have regular meetings with your manager. Your supervisor can provide you with great feedback as he or she helps you learn the laws of the land around the office. Seek out your supervisor’s guidance. If your manager doesn’t normally meet one-on-one with employees, ask if it’s a possibility. Knowing what you’re doing right or what you need to correct can help you keep moving in the right direction. Come to each meeting prepared with any questions you may have or achievements you would like to celebrate. Doing this shows your boss that you have initiative and you want to do your job well.

After the interview’s over, employers have a whole new set of expectations they need from you as an employee. The 90-day trial period is the time for them to bring you up to speed and gradually immerse you into your new career. It’s a test to see what you can do – but you can ace it with flying colors with these helpful tips.