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3 Tips to Writing More Effective Emails to Get the Response You Need

3tipsforemails An estimated 247 billion emails are sent every day worldwide, according to Royal Pingdom, an internet and web development company that monitors website and server performance. Workers everywhere are being overloaded with email messages whether it’s the latest forward or a follow-up message from their employers. With so many messages coming and going, how do you make sure the emails you send to your boss and co-workers don’t get lost in their inboxes only to be forgotten or ignored?

Your time at work is valuable and limited. And, your projects can’t always wait for a co-worker to respond to an email. But, your teammates’ time is valuable too. So, help them out by writing more effective emails that will save them time and get you the response you need.

Use the email subject line wisely.
To ensure your email message is opened and read, include a subject line that is clear and concise. If possible, add information like an action item or deadline time.

Place important information up top.
The most critical information like the action steps the recipient needs to take and when you need a response should be listed first. This ensures the reader gets the information they need to know up front. And, if there are action steps to follow up with, they may be able to get the job done more quickly.

Make your emails scanable.
With today’s busy work environment, most of us don’t have a lot of time to read novel-long emails. Help save your teammates the headache of deciphering the information by making your content scanable and precise. Break up larger content by using bullets or paragraph indentions. Highlight important information by bolding or underlining key points.

We’re all pressed for time. It’s easy to type out an email without thinking about it. But if you take just a little more time to craft a message that is effective and saves your co-workers time, you just may get what you need from them without having to send a second or third email reminder. So get in the habit of making your emails scanable. Use your subject line wisely by including pertinent information. And, place the important information at the top for an email that gets you what you need faster.

Office Party Don’ts You Do Need to Know

The Christmas season is in full swing and office holiday parties are rocking. After a long, stressful year with heavier workloads, you may be planning to release some steam and have a grand-old-time at the office party. Go ahead and have a ball and enjoy time with your co-workers, remember to keep the fun workplace-appropriate. So, here are three important tips you should know before you head to your company’s shindig.

Don’t vent about work. Even though being at a holiday party after traditional work  hours can make you feel more comfortable and free to speak your mind, be sure you leave work at work. Don’t bring ill feelings to the holiday party because doing so could put a damper on the evening for you and your fellow co-workers. And, if a co-worker starts sounding like the office Grinch, try to change the subject to a more positive subject, such as family, friends, or plans for the holidays. Use this time to learn more about what your co-workers enjoy beyond the workplace, and you’ll be sure to leave the party feeling a little jollier.

Keep it professional. Human resource policies are still in effect at after-hour work events, so be cautious about what you say and do. Be on your best behavior. It takes time to build up a good reputation in the workplace, and you don’t want to ruin it in a matter of seconds by doing something inappropriate. To keep regret from following you like the Ghost of Christmas Past, be sure you maintain a professional demeanor at the holiday office party. 

Be aware of the dress attire. Even though a party may be happening at a local restaurant or facility, it’s important to know what’s acceptable and not acceptable to wear for the occasion. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Since co-workers and probably their guests will be present, keep your dress more conservative and professional, but more casual than everyday office attire. For example, a nice pair of dress slacks or a skirt with a nice dress shirt. But some Christmas parties are more formal. To be sure of what to wear, check with management and your co-workers to determine what is appropriate.

It’s important to attend your holiday work parties, and they are intended to be a time of enjoyment. Network, mingle, laugh, and have fun, but just keep in mind that it’s still a work function, with managers and co-workers present. 

Have You Had More Jobs Than Barbie?

This winter, Barbie will embark on her 126th career, this time as a computer engineer – an unbelievable number, considering she just turned 50. Over the years, Barbie’s résumé has included everything from rock star to astronaut. She’s climbed the corporate ladder from secretary to CEO. Whether it’s a race car driver or a presidential candidate, Barbie has worn a variety of hats in the workplace.

While 126 jobs in 50 years might be frowned upon in the real world, gone are the days where individuals worked at the same company for their entire career. So, we want to know, how close do you come to Barbie’s record?