What’s Your Outlook on the Job Market

Question-Mark1As we welcome 2011, the economy continues to slowly show signs of improvement. Many are optimistic that hiring trends will continue to increase, despite lingering economic issues. Economists anticipate the job market will show steady improvement as employers gradually add new staff to their teams in 2011. This is good news for both the unemployed who are trying to get back into the job market as well as employees who feel the stress because of increased workloads they have shouldered over the last year. 

So, how do you feel about the job outlook as we begin a new year? Share your thoughts with us!


  1. Rob

    I am not a fan of using temp agancies for employment … I believe this is just a crock and the government of canada is letting this happen. The temp agencies do nothing for me except sit back and collect a lot of my well deserved and hard worked for money..all they have done for me is at the very beginning give me an interview for the current company i work for..that was 7 months ago..since then all they have done for me was send a Christmas card..is that worth the 7 dollars an hour that they take from me for the past 7 months? There are over 300 temps working in the company i work for, all of us are being taken advantage of by the company and the temp agencies..the average temp placement within our company is from 1 to 3 years..is that fair to be a temp for that long, with no benifits, no sick days or any vacation time? if you do take sick days or have children that become sick and you need to stay home with the company has every right to let you go because of your temp status..The canadian job market will improve yes..obviously it will bounce back from terrible times. I do not agree that the government should allow temp agancies to be the only way to get into companies these days..i feel like this is turning into basically legal robbery. how many of us have recommended friends and family for jobs and have gotten them into a job? I definatly know i have…so in trade, shouldnt I get a portion of thier paycheque for as long as they are employed with that company? So,to wrap it up in closing..the government should take a hard look at this topic and put thier foot down and give the person doing the actual work the money they work hard for, not let the temp agancies collect a boatload of money for doing nothing for me but give me one interview. I hope you approve this email and post on your comment board to let people know how people actually feel..not just put good comments..

  2. Willie

    Job openings may give young people the opportunity to find work, however, being unemployed going on two years, I do not feel there will be jobs for seniors. I would appreciate the offer of working again. I would accept part-time if it were available.

  3. Jerry

    I correctly predicted this economic depression ten years ago. Job loses continue to increase when productivity gains continue to happen. This was bound to happen. When profits move to the wealthy and away for the workers, it affects the economy in a negative impact. Ever more, effective machines reduce the manpower needed to get the job done and outsourcing jobs to other countries won’t stop either.I am not against technology as long as the gains bring rewards to all for the sake of the economy. Money in the hands of many is what a good economy needs as compared to money in the hands of few.

  4. Miranda Wilson

    Rob – At Express Employment Professionals, our goal is to find employment for our job seekers and place them somewhere they enjoy and have opportunities to grow. It is not part of our practices to retain wages from those who find employment through us. Staffing companies are also just one way to find employment in the community, but it’s our goal to do our best job to connect individuals with good, quality jobs in their communities.

  5. Darcy Jenkins

    I am slipping towards the 50 year mark and am finding it very difficult to find a job. I get some interviews and I can feel that as soon as they meet me they already figure, no too old. Even though in my cover letter I have declared not my age, but lengthy previous employment. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math. I think that I have a few more decades to give to a decent company and I also think that they are not looking at hiring a mature employee and are making huge mistakes. A mature employee not only has the 20-30 years experience but we don’t usually have the drama that young ones do. No arguments and crying jags over boyfriends/girlfriends, my child is grown so there is no having to leave due to illness of offspring and even the inevitability of me taking a year off to have a child. Been there, done that.
    They want a 20 year old with 25 years experience.
    I may come off as a little bitter, and maybe I am, but I have always been the perfect employee. Working extra hours, honest and have always taken on more and more duties. I always thought if you work hard and have a healthy ethic that it would stand you in good stead and you would be a productive member of society until retirement. Yeah, like after using up my savings I am going to have enough to retire. I applied to a position with an “employment agency” and have been sorely mistreated. I went to their interview, did all their testing and my results were excellent but it has been a month and I have not heard anything. I keep in touch but they keep putting me off. They won’t come right out and say to you “sorry but we did not send your file to our client as we don’t like the looks of ya”, but that is really what’s going on. I have had this same experience with agencies twice in the last 15 years or so at times when I was out of work for a time. I was not sent to even one interview with either one of these agencies. If I had all kinds of certificates and degrees I wouldn’t NEED to go to an agency, so what the heck are they doing all day?
    I have been looking for almost 8 months now and am getting pretty discouraged. So I say steer away from agencies as they seem to be a waste of time.
    Darcy J

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