Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

60 Seconds to Better Personal Branding

BetterbrandingWhether you’re on the job or on the job search, how you brand yourself can have a big impact on your future. From your résumé to your appearance to your experience, expertise, strengths, and knowledge, everything you do at work and on the job hunt says something about who you are to employers.

Every effort, big or small, you make helps to develop your brand. So, take 60 seconds today to boost your brand by making your email signature count.

Having an email signature that represents you well is a must. It not only makes it easier for co-workers, business contacts, and perspective employers to find your contact information, the right email signature can show your professionalism and demonstrate your attention to details. Make sure your email signature has these three things for a better brand.

1. Contact information
First and formost your email signature should contain correct contact information like your name, phone number, and email address. So make sure you provide the right information whether it’s adding your extension, or twitter handle to make it easy for people to contact you. And, don’t forget to update it from time to time when information changes like when you get a promotion and need to change your job title or you get a new cell phone number.

2. The right look and feel
These days, you can go way beyond the simple name and contact information, so make sure your email signature has the look and feel that’s right for you and your brand. If you work in a creative industry for example, consider a fun font and layout for a more exciting signature. You can left justify your signature, center it, bold specific content, change font sizes, add colors, and more!

Have fun with your signature to make it stand out but also remember to keep it professional. If you’re representing a business, keep company branding in mind as well. For example, my work email signature integrates my company’s colors in the links I share. Also, remember to be mindful of fonts and images that may not be compatible with other computers. If you’re emailing perspective employers, you may want to stick with a basic font like Arial, Tahoma, or Times New Roman to make sure they receive it correctly and it’s easy to read.

3. Share links to social media information and more
If you have a LinkedIn profile or a Twitter or Facebook account that you’d like to share, make sure you add the correct links to your email signature. You can even share your or your company’s website. Just make sure that your social media efforts and website information also support your brand. You don’t want to direct a potential employer to your Facebook profile if you have information posted you wouldn’t want them to see.

You can do a lot to help brand yourself for the industry you’re in and every little thing helps. So, take 60 seconds today and reinvent your email signature to help you and your contact information stand out.