Five Tips to Make Your Boss Adore You

Bossadore_April2011_web In today’s economy, great careers can be tough to come by – and sometimes even more difficult to keep. Once you’ve landed your dream job it is imperative you continue to impress your employers with work ethic and ability. And these 5 tips  are a terrific place to start!

Be a great listener.
Being an active listener is a trait that for some comes naturally, while others must work to learn it. Hearing directions from your employer is quite different than intentionally listening to what your boss has to say. Company leaders don’t always have a lot of time so be sure to soak up all the direction and information you can. Take notes during meetings so you won’t have to ask the same questions repeatedly. Star or mark specific tasks you’ve been assigned. When your manager presents in team or project meetings listen for ways you may be able to help.

Apply the things you learn.
After learning a new technique or principle, apply it as soon as possible. Whether your boss informs you of something simple or more meaningful, put their direction to use as quickly as possible. By incorporating your boss’ instructions and advice in your tactics, you’ll demonstrate a willingness to learn and accept feedback.

Take the initiative.
If you notice something that can be improved upon in your office, say so. Employers will respect the fact that you are working to better your work environment and showing interest in what’s happening around you. Look for opportunities to suggest ideas that will positively impact your company as a whole, and potentially your career as well.

Focus on the task at hand.
Remember, time spent in the office is not your personal time. While there, your time belong’s to your co-workers, employer, and clients. It’s key you dedicate your time to work rather than distractions.  Spending time on projects rather than talking on the phone with your friend will not only improve your work experience, but also the opinion others hold of you.

To be reliable, practice following up on projects, meeting deadlines, and applying what you’ve learned on a daily basis.  Combining these characteristics with great work will exemplify your dedication to your field. Keep in mind, the more consistent your behavior is in the office, the more responsibilities you will gain.

Gaining and retaining a career you love is no easy feat, but it is possible. Applying specific and beneficial traits to your daily work schedule can make the employee your boss adores.


  1. Urbaninterns

    These are great tips! One of the most frequent questions we get are: “How can I make my boss like me more?” and you’ve hit the head on the nail with your suggestions! We’re definitely going to pass along your blog and post the next time we hear/get asked that questions!
    Thanks for the awesome blog post!
    – Corey

  2. Power Strategies

    I think if you want to be in such great relationship with your boss, you need to talk more with him/her about job problems, try to make him/her smile more, I am sure that all depends on our comportament.

  3. Kristi S.

    I had to read this twice. I thank you for the advice, but it is really hard to apply in my situation. My boss is also my boyfriend. Don’t jump to any conclusions, we have been together over 20 years (just never married). It is so hard to separate business from personal sometimes. He seems to want to be “boss” all the time. Any pointers for me anyone?

  4. Movin' On Up

    Thanks for sharing Kristi. In another comment you mentioned you work from home, it is important to set office hours so you aren’t always talking about work. Keeping clear and open communication during work hours should help. Also, make sure you have clear goals and performance measures in place for your role. This will allow you to participate in tracking your productivity.

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