Is Employee Morale Getting Better or Worse? You Tell Us

Employee morale took a big hit during the recession when workers faced difficult pay freezes, layoffs, and cutbacks. Downsizing forced remaining employees to take on heavier workloads, all of which as impacted employee morale further still.

But with the economy seeing some improvement, employers are now taking steps to improve employee engagement and morale to help keep their top talent from job hopping in 2011. Whether it’s reinstating benefits or offering pay raises, employers have made some strides in the first quarter of this year to reengage their workforce.

So we want to know,


  1. JR

    Employee morale is based on the experience one has on the job. If that experience is a positive one then morale will be higher, if not then of course it will be lower. If one feels like they are making an accomplishment of course it will be higher.
    Some employers require daily or weekly meetings with employees in certain departments. Many of these meetings could be improved by focusing on the actual job being performed and actually implementing ideas that an employee might have.
    The best way to improve morale is for everyone to be on the same page. With many companies the employees and the company are divided by ignorance of upper management not allowing those who KNOW how to perform the job to actually give them the reigns to do so.
    And lets face it. Benefits are another way to boost morale. A bonus or a raise is always a good morale booster. The sad thing is more companies are more about money than they are the actual TEAM of Company and employee working together which in turn lowers morale.

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