New Ways to Grab Your Boss’ Attention


We have all heard similar tips on how to gain and retain our employer’s attention. But standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. Check out these new twists on ways to grab your boss’ focus to give you a little bit of an edge.

Be Different.
At work, everyone wants to fit in. To feel happy and engaged, fitting in is important, but it’s okay to be different too. To grab your boss’ attention, showcase your own personality. So don’t just always go with the general consensus. Share your own ideas too. This will display self-confidence and allow your employer to see your interests, strengths, and abilities. Your transparency will make for better job placement, tasks, and relationships. For example, if you enjoy taking photos during your spare time, your hobby could translate into a way to help your company produce cost-effective yet quality photographs to use in marketing materials. And, you’ll be able to hone your skills and impress your boss.

Give more.
Since so many people have been burnt out from heavy workloads and added stress after the recession, for some it’s all they can do just to survive the week. While giving more may not seem like a new idea, it will be refreshing for your boss to see and help you stand out. Your servant’s heart can also motivate your teammates to give more of their time and effort. Ask for more responsibilities if you feel you have the time and energy to dedicate to them. Showing your boss that you’re willing to help when the going gets tough will only benefit your career and workplace. Another fresh way to stand out is volunteering outside of the office. Devote your time to something that is meaningful to you, and you’ll find that giving back to your community will refresh your mind, body, and soul. If something doesn’t immediately come to mind, search local databases to better match your interests to a cause. Volunteering displays your characteristics by showing your employers you have interests other than your own. It gives you a chance to network and, it allows your employer to see you are truly invested in your community and, thus, planning on staying in the area for a decent amount of time. Your selflessness and investment in your community will be two great selling points for any potential promotions you may be up for.

Have a no excuses policy.
With busy schedules and deadlines, there are valid reasons why tasks don’t always get completed. Your boss is more than likely used to hearing a wide variety of justifications on any given project. Stand out by having a “no excuses” philosophy to your job. If you find a roadblock, find a solution to go around it. If you are having trouble finding a solution, seek advice from seasoned co-workers or even your boss. Never settle for “can’t” until you have exhausted every possible option. Your employer will soon see your work ethic, strengths, and ability and know you are on the path toward great success within the company.

Today’s professional world is competitive, challenging, and even a bit frightening. Being equipped with noteworthy characteristics, both traditional and non-traditional, will help you stand out in the pack and get ahead in your career.


  1. J Chavez

    New owners took over at my company about a month ago and I haven’t been able to get the attention of my new boss at all! These seem like some good pointers. I’m going to give them a shot! Thanks!

  2. Grace

    I was hoping for something new to take away, but sadly, none of these suggestions are new.
    Giving more can be a bit tricky. I’ve seen it happen again and again where folks who are happy and willing to step up and take on more quickly become the work horses and are ultimately taken advantage of. That’s just a harsh reality. Give an inch they take a mile. I’ve experienced it myself. It could even potentially get you stuck. To clarify, I’m not saying don’t give more. By all means, show that you are a team player/ collaborator, go the extra mile, HOWEVER make sure you set some boundaries! I cannot stress that enough.
    Good luck out there!

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