Break Your Web Surfing Habit

Websurfing_June2011_web With so many jobs now requiring employees to spend the day on the internet, distractions are bound to occur. Whether you are susceptible to Facebook, news stories, or checking your bank statements, we all have something that steals our attention and productivity. Although some workplace distractions are inevitable, there are some simple precautions you can take in order to avoid one-hour YouTube watch parties with your co-workers.
1. Acknowledge your personal high and low productivity hours. Do you hate mornings? Do you always feel especially tired after lunch?  Recognize your low points of the day and schedule your workload around them. That isn’t to say you are allowed to sit and do nothing during your slump, but by working harder during your best hours you will be able to ensure a more productive, effective day in the office.

2.  Create deadlines for yourself. It can be hard to stay on task if you have an unspecified time to produce results. If your manager doesn’t set a deadline, set one for yourself. Make your deadline reasonable; no time constraint should be unattainable nor should it be lackadaisical.

3. Listen while you work. Studies show that music impacts reasoning skills, the cardiovascular system, and moods. Use music as a powerful way to improve your health and focus during work. Instead of looking to the internet for entertainment, you can play your favorite song for some much needed comfort and inspiration. Listening to music can ensure you’re having fun and getting your work finished at the same time.

4. Block inappropriate websites. You know the websites you’re prone to look at when you should be working. To keep your eyes from wandering, block these websites during times you are supposed to be working. There are a plethora of blocking programs, including LeechBlock, that help curb your time spent on the biggest time-wasting sites. 

5. Change your attitude toward work. At the end of the day, if you are compelled to waste time, you will. The biggest obstacle in breaking your tendency to procrastinate is the way you think about your workday. If you are bored, uninspired, and don’t feel challenged at work, there may be something deeper occurring. Really consider your time at work and if it is worth your efforts. Although most procrastination is simply human, some may be a sign you are in need of a more fulfilling job.

There will always be things to distract you at work. Although getting sidetracked is nothing to feel guilty about, it is something that should happen in moderation. Strive to focus on work, give yourself breaks to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, and have fun. You’ll find the more you enjoy work, the less procrastinating you’ll end up doing. 

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