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Staffing Jobs Impact Search for Full-Time Work

TempJob_August2011_2_web When on the job hunt, people can make the mistake of overlooking the benefits of temporary work simply due to the word “temporary.” And, all the while, others are taking full advantage of temporary work and turning the opportunity into full-time jobs.

When looking for work, try to shake the average perception of “temp jobs” and turn them into step towards full-time employment.

Access to Employment
There are numerous benefits to taking a temporary job, but one that sticks out is work. Rather than sitting at home wishing you had a job, a temp job actually puts you to work and is a source of income. Good jobs don’t just appear in front of you. If you narrow your pool of potential employers by eliminating temporary work, you’re also decreasing your chances of getting full-time jobs that may be available via temporary work.

A recent New York Times story highlighted the plight of unemployed workers trying to find jobs, saying the longer you are unemployed the less attractive you are to companies that are hiring. By taking temporary work you are filling a gap on your résumé, versus remaining unemployed as you wait for your ideal opportunity. The average duration of unemployment is currently nine months, which could result in almost a year gap on a résumé. The American Staffing Association (ASA) cites that 88% of staffing employees said temporary and contract work made them more employable.  Also, if you take a temporary job while looking for full-time employment it may give you the financial resources to be more selective in where you apply and which full-time opportunity to accept. 

Bridge to Full-Time Work
Just because you take a temp job doesn’t mean it has to be temporary forever. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive shows that 70% of those surveyed turned the temporary jobs they had into full-time positions.

Employers want dedicated hard workers, and if you prove yourself to be invaluable, it’ll be hard for them to let you go. If you come to work like it is a full-time job and treat it as such, it can become one. And even if the position is not scheduled to turn into full-time work, you never know if your hard work will impress the right person. Right now, companies are starting to see an increase in demand but may be hesitant to hire someone full-time, however if the economy continues to improve while you are working a temporary assignment, the company may become more secure and ready to hire full-time workers.

A Chance to Build Skills
Whether you’re developing new skills on the job or simply honing the ones you already have, temporary work can build your résumé and experience. According to ASA, “65% of staffing employees said they developed new or improved work skills through their assignments.” Take inventory of the skills you possess that can crossover into other industries, like a proficiency in Microsoft Office, or ones that might be unique to an industry, like knowledge of the RGIS inventory system.

Not only can you build skills with temporary work, you may also discover an industry you want to pursue skill development in. Often, temporary workers are called upon in growing industries, and you may uncover a field that is ripe with career opportunities that you hadn’t considered before. While a company may not hire someone full-time who doesn’t have the perfect skills, a temporary worker may get on the job training that allows them to advance into other roles in a growing industry.

Temporary work can offer quick access to positions, the opportunity to build skills, a flexible work schedule, and the chance to make additional professional connections.  So, if you’re looking for a full-time job, don’t close the door on temporary work, it might just be a foot in the door to your next career.