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Understand “The Numbers” in Your Job: Part 3

Numbers_Celebrate_August2011_web In this series of blog posts, we’ve addressed why it’s important to be informed about the numbers used to measure performance in your organization and job, and how to measure your own job performance. The best part about tracking key metrics is that you have clear defined points for celebration when goals are met.

Tip #3: Celebrate Winning Scores
If you aren’t keeping score then you don’t know who wins. While it can seem intimidating to measure your key performance indicators, the satisfaction you get when you hit your goals will overshadow any anxiety the process may have caused. And, when you notice a new trend in your numbers, let your manager know. You demonstrate your initiative and commitment to your job when you celebrate and take notice of increases in your performance.

By keeping an an eye on company goals and measurement, you’ll have a better idea of what’s up next and where the organization is headed. This will also give you a chance to congratulate co-workers when you notice they’ve hit a milestone, helping you build rapport within your organization. Knowing where the company stands in respect to its goals can help you understand why funding may be directed to a specific initiative or when is the best time to ask for additional resources.

While you may not consider yourself an accountant, defining and tracking your performance and goals will help guide your activities and let you know where to invest your time. Be sure to check out the other two posts in this series,  
Part 1: Get Informed and Part 2: Measure Your Performance to help you understand why knowing the numbers can be fun and how it impacts your career.