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Ghastly Tricks to Make the Office Halloween a Treat

Halloweenoffice_oct2011_web Halloween may not be a federal holiday, but it’s still a highly popular and widely celebrated occasion. Americans spend more than $5 billion on Halloween merchandise every year, second only to Christmas in dollars spent, and Halloween celebrations continue to grow in the United States. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, more than one-third of American employers provide some sort of festivity in conjunction with Halloween.

For many, Halloween is what kicks off the holiday season and can greatly boost morale and interaction among co-workers. If you want to join the fun and spirit of this holiday while at the office, here are a few things you can do to make work a little more spooktacular.

Rules and Regulations

Before you turn your workspace into Halloween central, consider checking with your employer’s handbook, supervisors, or HR managers to learn company policies on Halloween celebrations. While there may not be any Halloween-specific guidelines for your company, there may be strict policies on attire and hair color you need to keep in mind when celebrating.

Dress for the Occasion

Be respectful of your managers and colleagues and keep in mind what you should and shouldn’t wear for Halloween. There is plenty of time after work and on weekends to wear your super scary costume, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to don some festive additions while working. Look for ways to put Halloween colors into your work attire. Find fun and easy ways to add a little flavor to your office look for Halloween like wearing an orange and black striped tie or blouse. 

Desk Decor

Decorating your work area can be another great way to show your Halloween spirit. Spread some fake spider webs in a corner of your desk and scatter plastic spiders over it. Place a small Halloween-themed bowl or dish filled with candy next to the web for everyone to enjoy. There are several inexpensive paper Halloween decorations found at retail stores you can tape around your desk. Be mindful of those around you, keep the decorations festive, and shy away from anything too scary or gruesome.

Festive Foods

Many employees love to celebrate, especially when food is involved. There are several treats you can provide your co-workers that are cost effective and can bring you closer to those you work with. Bake a cake, put candy bugs or gummy worms in it, and place it in the office kitchen for everyone to eat. Goody bags full of assorted candies and novelty gifts like fake vampire teeth can also be used as festive Halloween treats. If you or your company is very health conscious, put fresh fruit in a plastic caldron and put it in a high-traffic area.

Despite your opinion of this holiday, respect those who do or don’t want to celebrate Halloween. You could be working with people with an array of different personal preferences, cultures, and beliefs. Starting conflicts over Halloween is missing the point of this occasion.

What interesting or different ideas have you done to celebrate Halloween at work?