Smart Phone Apps for a Smarter Job Search

Smartphoneapps_Dec2011_webIn a job market that is becoming increasingly competitive, having an advantage is crucial to finding a job quickly. The job market is constantly changing and seekers have to be ready for opportunities at a moment’s notice. To be successful, more job chasers need their professional networks and materials when at home or on the go.

With current hiring trends evolving, technology can easily give you access to social networks, job listings, and powerful tools to help you stay connected to people and opportunities with the push of a button. Smart phones are becoming more common every day and can be a powerful source when looking for a job. Here are some apps for your phone that can better prepare you for your job search and give you the upper hand on the competition.

 Refresh That Résumé

  • Resume App: (iTunes®)Resume App will help you design, build, and create a custom and professional looking résumé in a PDF format that you can send to potential employers from your phone.
  • Pocket Resume: (iTunes)(Android™) Pocket Resume is one of the best-selling résumé apps on the market. It uses a unique PDF rendering technology to create professional résumés that can be updated and emailed from your phone.

Never Stop Networking

  • SnapDat Digital Business Cards🙁iTunes) SnapDat is an amazing app on the iPhone® that allows you to create custom digital business cards. You can create unlimited business cards that are fully customizable that can be emailed to a potential employer or new contact.
  • Business Card Reader: (iTunes)(Android) Business card readers allow you to scan a new contact’s number and automatically put their information in your phone’s address book. This way you’ll never have to search your house looking for a contact’s email or worry about finding a phone number when you’re not at home.
  • BeKnown: (iTunes)(Android) BeKnown, powered by, is a professional networking app on Facebook. Catch the buzz by easily tapping into new professional opportunities anywhere, anytime, by staying on top of what your professional contacts are doing while meeting new ones.

Find Those Jobs

  • JobCompass: (iTunes)(Android) JobCompass uses your phone’s GPS to find available job openings in your area. It also gives you job descriptions and allows you to apply directly through your phone.
  • JobAware: (iTunes) JobAware searches for jobs in your area, tracks your progress through the application process, offers salary comparisons for several occupations, and integrates with your LinkedIn account to get updates and advice from your network and career professionals.
  • Jobs – by CareerBuilder: (iTunes)(Android) With the CareerBuilder app, you can instantly search one of the largest job opening websites in the U.S., easily and straight from your phone for free.
  • Jobs: (iTunes)(Android) The Monster Job Search app lets you access your Monster account while on the go so you can apply to the latest job openings from your mobile device no matter where you are.

Interview Improvement

  • What Color is your Parachute?🙁iTunes) An app based on the best-selling job hunting guide, “What Color is Your Parachute?” gives insightful tips on how to stand out, nail the interview, and land the job.
  • Interview Pro: (iTunes) Interview Pro provides more than 80 job interview questions and answers ranging from communication skills to team dynamics.
  • Interview Buzz Pro: (iTunes)(Android) Interview Buzz Pro not only provides more than 300 questions and answers to prepare you for your next interview, but it also offers additional features like instructions on how to tie a necktie and the option to add comments to interview questions to help you prepare.

When looking for a job, we all want a leg up on the competition. Sometimes, you may not know when a job opportunity arises, or you’re away from your home or computer. The next time you need your résumé or professional information in a hurry, you’ll be prepared for it. What are some apps that have helped you in your job search?


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