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Women’s Work Attire That Never Goes Out of Style

Women's business attireIn a previous post, we discussed traditional styles of men’s work attire that have stood the test of time. They are still some of the best ways to make a good first impression when interviewing and working with colleagues. This post will highlight some professional styles for women that never lose their elegance and look good too.

Some may consider business fashion more difficult for women because of the constantly changing trends and styles available to them, but it’s surprising to know that when it comes to classic attire that is timeless and still means business, women’s fashion is very similar to men’s.

That Suit Looks Like a Lady

If you’re looking for classic, then go with wearing the skirt suit. Skirt suits are considered to be the best option when interviewing or showing for a very professional look. If you absolutely loathe wearing skirts and pantyhose, check with your employer’s dress code before wearing a pantsuit. While some organizations may allow them, more traditional companies won’t because pantsuits are still considered less formal.

Just like men’s suits, going with dark brown, gray, or navy will give you a professional, confident look without bringing attention to yourself. Blouses should remain a light color, but avoid low cut or revealing shirts. If you want to accessorize, consider wearing a softly colored scarf. If you have to question yourself about a color being appropriate, go ahead and choose a different color.  While it may be fun to mix and match your colors, having a matching suit is preferred.

Don’t Skimp on the Skirt

The hemlines of your skirt should be mid-knee length or longer. Miniskirts are not only inappropriate, but they also send the message that you’re not serious. When wearing longer skirts, avoid wearing ones with deep slits at the sides, back, or front.

Sometimes the constant struggle with wearing pantyhose can lead many women to consider pantyhose their worst enemy. But, full-length pantyhose should be worn with a business suit.  Natural skin tone colors are best, but you can wear colored hose as long as they stay opaque and don’t look like tights. As far as classic shoes, you can wear some with a pattern, but keep them the same color as your suit.

Don’t be an Accessory to a Fashion Crime

When it comes to attire in the workplace, less is more. Accessories and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Try to limit yourself to about four accessories with earrings counting as one. Over accessorizing can bring a lot of unwanted attention to yourself, instead of wanted attention to your work. Earrings should be modest, including a stud-type or small hoops, and not dangly. All jewelry should be conservative to enhance your suit, and should not be distracting or flashy.

Makeup should appear natural. Avoid using overly dark or bright eye shadow and lipstick. It’s best to save your creative or stylish makeup routines for outside of work activities. While nails should be clean and manicured at a decent length, avoid using bright or decorated polish. No one wants to shake hands with Freddy Krueger. If you want to wear perfume, keep it light, but try avoiding using it at all.

Wearing traditional business attire doesn’t have to be rocket science or boring. If you follow our easy guides on appropriate business attire that never goes out of style, you’d be surprised how effective ditching the latest trends for the classic look will be for your career. What are some fashion tips you think should be included on this list?