Burned Out or Stressed Out?

Burned Out or Stressed Out?If you ever wondered if your Monday blues are a signal of burnout or just job stress, here are a few scenarios to help you determine the difference.

You miss a deadline.
To determine if a missed deadline was due to stress or burn out, take a look at why you missed the deadline in the first place. Is it because you had so much on your schedule you couldn’t get to it? Or is it because you couldn’t get motivated to tackle the project? If you were simply too busy and you really regret missing the deadline, it’s probably because you were stressed. If you just didn’t get it completed and you’re having a hard time caring too much about it, you’re probably burned out.

You’re late to work three out of five days in a week.
Chances are, you are running late for a reason. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button, procrastinating during your morning routine, and telling yourself “you’ll get there when you get there”, you might be burned out. However, if your morning routine includes trying to squeeze in a few errands or getting up early to do a little work before heading into the office, it’s likely the stressful daily grind that is causing you to run late for work.

You make a mistake at work.
Whether your mistake is a billing error or failing to replace a safety guard on a piece of equipment, it could have been a result of either stress or job burnout. If it’s stress, you probably made the mistake because you were in a frantic hurry to get things done.  If it’s burnout, you may have been letting your thoughts wander instead of focusing on your task. Also, consider your response as a way to tell if it’s burnout or stress. When you’re stressed, you’ll probably be upset when you make a mistake and work hard at fixing it. When you’re burned out, you’ll probably just chalk it up to a bad day and move on.
Hopefully, you can now determine the difference between stress and burnout. Check out our solutions for workplace stress, or read these tips to deal with burnout.

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