Daily Archives: July 13, 2012

Signs that Workplace Change is Coming

Have you ever had that eerie feeling that something was about to change? Are there ways to know if something big is coming your way?

Some say yes. Here are just a few clues that changes in the workplace could be in your future.

Budget Revisions
A shift in focus may be reflected first in a shift of the budget. If a division is being given additional funds it could be a sign of growth to come in that area. If you notice new equipment purchases or additional resources in a particular area, you may want to approach your manager to see if there is anything you can do to contribute to the development. Stay on the lookout for training being scheduled in that area and if you’re interested in learning more, be on the lookout for opportunities that match your skills with the development.

Rescheduled Meetings
Meetings can be rescheduled for a variety of reasons, but when appropriate, seek to understand why. Your manager may not always be able to share with you the reason a meeting was rescheduled and sometimes it may not have anything to do with the topic of that meeting. Instead, another matter of higher importance may have just taken its place. But sometimes when a meeting has been rescheduled it’s because new data has been provided that has changed the need for the original meeting. Perhaps priorities have shifted and a project that was once urgent has now been given a more flexible timeline. If you are able to have open communication regarding a meeting that has been rescheduled, you may actually learn something new that will impact your industry, company, or job function.

New Faces
When someone new joins the team they may think they’ve got big shoes to fill, or they may think their role is to shake things up a bit and bring in some new energy. When new people join a team they bring with them a host of ideas and experiences that are likely to influence and develop the workplace. A fresh perspective may seem intimidating or exhausting at first, but new blood often invigorates and advances a team. Seek to find a balance with new team members in allowing them to try out their new ideas, and preventing them from reinventing the wheel or trying solutions that have failed in the past. It can be hard to think trying something that failed in the past is a good idea, but with new players and a different environment the results could change, so look for ways to help and provide prospective.

If you’ve spent any time in the workforce you know that change is inevitable. Try not to worry about things beyond your control, instead look for ways you can develop your skills and have a better big-picture understanding of your workplace. This can help you be ready to make the best of changes, perhaps even advancing your career when things get switched up. What are some ways you’ve benefited from change in the workplace? Or what new ideas have been a result of new team members or big changes?