3 Hot Jobs for the Summer

People from all walks of life look for temporary jobs each summer. Whatever your reason for getting a job this summer, here are three hot jobs with great benefits to consider as you begin your search.

Theme Parks – To contend with the high number of summer-time visitors, amusement parks need additional staff. Parks offer a variety of jobs and flexible schedules. Jobs include ticket takers, entertainers, food service providers, and more.

Many amusement parks offer a variety of benefits to their employees, including free park admission and discounts on food and merchandise. So, if you want to work outside, enjoy the thrill of an amusement park, and can’t get enough freebies and discounts, consider a summer job in the theme park industry.

Office or Clerical Work – Because many workers take extended vacations during the summer months, many offices have temporary openings during this time. These positions can vary from receptionist to data entry to filing and more. Most of these positions do not require work during the evenings or weekends.

One of the greatest benefits of working in a clerical position in the summer is the air conditioned environment. Working inside will keep you from suffering through the summer heat. These positions may also provide discounted health benefits, company discounts, and access to company events. You can also use these job opportunities to gain experience and network within a company for potential job leads after the summer ends.

Concerts and Sporting Events – In the summer, outdoor events are very popular. Positions in ticket sales, concessions, guest relations, event set-up, and more may be available.

One great benefit of working at events is attending the event for free. Though you’re actually working, you’ll still get to see some of the action up close without paying. You may also receive complimentary tickets to other events to enjoy when you’re not scheduled to work. Employees may also receive discounts on food and merchandise. By working at these events, you can gain marketing, event planning, and promotional experience, which looks great on any résumé.

Summer jobs offer more than just a diversion. Many come with great discounts and freebies. Or, you may benefit from the opportunity to try out new careers and network with potential employers. For help finding a job this summer, talk to the staffing consultant at your local Express office

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