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First Day on the Job Checklist

You’re excited about your first day on the job. Here is an easy to reference checklist of things to help your first day run smoothly. Click here for a PDF of the list.

Task Explanation Completed
Work Eligibility Documentation Bring acceptable documents for proof of work eligibility. For example: a Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, or green card. Additionally, if you are going to sign-up for direct deposit, ask what is needed for that process. See the USCIS for more information in the U.S. and this link for more information in Canada.   
Appropriate Attire Ask for dress code specifics. Don’t be afraid to ask for an example. If you think a uniform is required, ask if it’s provided or where you should purchase the uniform.  
Necessary Equipment Clarify if you’re expected to provide any safety equipment, like a hard hat, gloves, or steel-toed shoes.  
Location Verify all of the necessary details for parking, getting into the building, and where you are supposed to report. Make sure to verify your arrival time.  
Supervisor Get the name of the person you will be reporting to. Also, get business and mobile phone numbers for that person.  
Schedule Obtain the start and end time for the work day and when breaks will be given. Find out in advance the options for meals, like if there are restaurants nearby, a cafeteria, or a break room.  
Orientation Have a notepad and pen with you to take notes on equipment, processes, team member information, and more. Make sure you ask how to work the phone, clock-in/out, log-on to the computer, use equipment, understand safety information, and ask for a copy of the job description.  

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