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‘Tis the Season to Find Holiday Work

Working during the HolidaysIf you haven’t already considered it, now is a great time to start applying for holiday jobs to get some introductory work experience, make some extra money, or get your foot in the door with an employer. Whatever your reasons, companies are hiring now to fill the huge demand for workers this holiday season.

Forbes is reporting that more than 700,000 seasonal jobs will be created this quarter, which is an increase over last year’s holiday hiring numbers. If you have what employers are looking for, they’re willing to hire someone who is dependable and accountable.

Think Big
Contrary to popular belief, seasonal work doesn’t always mean standing behind a register, stocking shelves, or delivering packages. Not only is there a demand for sales clerks this season, but there is also a need for customer service representatives, product demonstrators, package wrappers, online and call center service representatives, and even actors to portray Santa and his elves.

You also don’t have to think of just retail. Restaurants generally look for extra wait staff, greeters, or even bartenders during the holidays too. Check around your small local stores instead of the normal big chains to see if they could use extra help. Mall kiosks, catering companies, florists, and small boutiques usually add extra staff for the holidays, and can provide more flexible hours.

Think Together
Two heads are better than one, and if you multiply that logic by how many heads are in your network, then you can have a great source and opportunity to find the holiday job that’s right for you. Meet with friends, family, and contacts who work at companies that are planning to hire this season to see if they know of any positions that could be available.

While 700,000 open holiday spots may seem like a lot, it can still be fairly competitive to get one, not to mention a specific job that you might be looking for. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a friend or family member working on the inside who can vouch for your hard work and reliability. You’ll have a better chance of getting noticed, which could lead to a greater chance of getting hired full time if the situation allows.

Think Familiar
Odds are, there are a number of businesses that you frequently shop at throughout the week. Take advantage of the relationships you’ve built with the owner or employees of your favorite shops to see if there are any seasonal jobs available during the holidays. If you’re a loyal customer, it would be easier for them to add you to the team and you could have a better chance of enjoying working there for a few months.

Don’t forget about other activities throughout your day. Your passions and hobbies can lead you to places that could need help during the holidays. You already have a great knowledge base and it’s something you’re generally interested in, which makes you an ideal job candidate for any employer who is associated with your hobbies.

If you want to find the top companies hiring for the holidays, you can check out this list from AOL. What are some of your most fun or unusual seasonal jobs? Tell your story in the comments below.