Making the Most of the First Two Hours in the Day

First Two Hours at WorkMaybe you’re a morning person, so being happy and productive earlier in the day comes naturally to you. Or maybe you are a night owl who has been lucky enough to find a job that fits more easily with your body’s internal clock. No matter what time your day begins, check out these tips to start the day happy and productive?

Do Something You Enjoy
Even if you can’t control when your day starts, you can do things to make it better. Having something to look forward too can make getting out of bed much easier. For example, maybe there is a talk show you enjoy that can play on your radio or TV. Or maybe you need to change up your breakfast routine, enticing yourself with an omelet or yogurt parfait. If you can, allow 20 minutes for a hobby like reading or exercising, it could be just the enjoyment you need to start your day with a smile. Consider a reward system. For example, reward yourself with a specialty coffee or a $5 contribution toward a “Fun Night Out” fund if you’re on time for four days in a row.

Do Something You Need to Get Done
Maybe you don’t want to get started with your day because you’re dreading a task. Try to turn this feeling around into an accomplishment by knocking out a task that has been hanging over your head. Maybe it’s getting caught up on bills or doing some much needed cleaning. You might want to take care of a conversation you’ve been meaning to have, or just simply need to schedule an appointment. Whatever it is, pick something small and dreaded on your to-do list and get it done. Once you do, you’ll feel like you’ve already had a great day and the rest of your day is icing on the cake.

Just Do Something
Not having a plan can be exhausting. If you don’t know where to start or don’t have a handle on your to-do list, it can all be overwhelming enough to put off starting your day. However, having a to-do list can let your day get started with less thought. When possible spend some time the day before preparing for the next day, giving yourself a clear plan to follow. When your day gets started you can simply dive into your list and before you know it, you’ve had some accomplishments from the start. Who can’t feel good about that?

How do you make sure your day starts right? Share your go-to ideas to making the most of your morning, whenever that is, in the comments section below.

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