Daily Archives: January 30, 2013

What’s Up at the Library?

job sources in a libraryWhen was the last time you went to a library? Grade school? College? Never? If you’re job searching, or looking for professional development, your library can be a great resource. The best part about libraries is that most of their resources are free. And you may be surprised about what your library has to offer.

Free Internet
With social media impacting job searches and many businesses requiring online applications, internet access is an important part of your job search. While you may be able to job search online through your mobile phone or tablet device, it may not be easy to apply or complete a profile. A desktop computer can be a better way to complete job search related tasks online, and give you a larger screen to make sure information is accurate and free of typos.

And while your Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts might be great ways to hear about jobs, you may also want to check out your own profile with something more than an app on your phone. Mobile access to sites doesn’t always give you the full picture or allow you to easily manage your privacy settings. Consider using a desktop computer at the library for internet access that will allow you easier access to review your accounts and update your information.

Great Resources
Libraries often offer classes that could benefit you in your job search or skill building, like preparation classes for getting your GED, basic computer skills, tax assistance, and more. Not only will you have access to free learning, but it can also be a great networking opportunity as well. Researching online is great, but what if there is a person who has been really influential in your industry? Consider getting their biography at the local library, it can make for a great casual conversation in an interview. Another great topic to check out at your library is on leadership, with multiple philosophies, trends, and influential authors to help uncover what best resonates with your values. This knowledge can help you identify the type of workplace culture that fits you best and help you solve challenges at work.

Fun Activities
What about having some fun at the library? Libraries can host shows featuring local artists, classes on knitting or yoga, or an assortment of kid’s activities. There may be a reading club that interests you or a game club. How does an afternoon of Mah Jongg or Scrabble sound? For kids and teens there is everything from story hours to video game sessions. So when you need to take a break from your daily grind, consider your library!

What surprises or resources have you found at your local library? Share them here.