The Great Job Interview Prep-Off!

Prepping for an interviewTwo job seekers compete, but only one will get the job offer. One uses practice and punctuality, while the other uses laziness and loitering. In this game of job searching, the difference between getting an offer and getting rejected is not only about being mentally ready, but also looking ready.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveyed 457 employers who recruit new college graduates, and an overwhelming 92% stated “a candidate’s overall appearance influences their opinion about the candidate.”

Check out the showdown between these two rivals in this video that highlights the importance of interview preparation.


  1. tasha

    Thank you for the video this scenario has happened to me before …Early in my career I had no experience,but I literally beat the person who had more experience into the office just by a couple of minutes and got the job so I know that this can happen.

  2. George

    Very good video!

    It is important to be prepared. A bit of research on the company is very helpful to answer some of the interviewers questions.

    A good night’s sleep does help to calm the “interview jitters”. Another important fact is a “firm” handshake and a smile to the interviewer and especially at the end, a heartfelt “thank you” for their time.

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