It’s Awesome Being a Millennial Job Seeker

it's great being a millennialHosting multiple generations in the workplace is becoming an important issue among employers. Right now, there could be as many as five different generations working together. And, the generation that can feel the most stress is the Millennial generation. While older generations have their own hurdles to overcome, the youngest generation has a lot to prove because they have very little experience to support their big plans for the future.

Millennials, those born on or after 1980, have a bad reputation of being uncommitted job hoppers who want the meatier projects now instead of earning them over time. But the reality is, Millennial job seekers and workers can provide huge benefits to employers.

Millennials Kiss and Tell
According to a CareerBuilder survey, 96% of Millennial job seekers discuss their job searching experiences with others, including in person and on social media. Millennials can help an employer with their bottom line by improving public opinion. People are looking for organizations that are transparent, and the more positive feedback a Millennial employee can add to the increasing louder voice of customer opinion, the better.

Millennials Search for the Final Frontier
Young job seekers have a goal in mind, will go where opportunity knocks, and are much more likely to accept job offers that require them to relocate. Younger job seekers commonly aren’t limited to their local job market, which means more job openings and greater chances of success. Fewer Millennials have families or other responsibilities that older, more experienced job seekers have to keep in mind.

Millennials Have Their Eyes on the Prize
Most Millennials have something to prove. If they can’t make their own opportunity for themselves, they will go somewhere else. While many see that as a disadvantage, young job seekers can turn that into an advantage. They are hungry and looking for opportunities to advance, which means that if the opportunities exist, the employer can have an engaged employee for the long term. This drive and motivation can offset any lack of experience and separate young job seekers from the competition.

Millennials are Rich…With Information
Have you heard the phrase, “Time is money?” Years ago, knowledge was highly valued because it took time to find the information you needed. But thanks to the age of the internet, almost any piece of information can be found with the click of a button.  Millinneials are also attached to their smartphones, which helps them be more adept to finding directions, answering trivia, solving problems, or getting the latest news and events.

Millennials can find information quickly and easily. They can provide value to employers by demonstrating how connected and informed younger job seekers are and how that behavior can benefit the employer.

Don’t worry Millennials, your time is coming. Pew Research predicts Millennials will make up 75% of the job market by 2025. The workplace and those working in it are constantly changing, and who knows what it will be like 10 years from now, but those who are taking their first steps in their career can highlight some strengths and demonstrate the value those “kids” can bring.

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