Soft Skills Can Make or Break Your Career

Soft Skills Make or Break CareersAfter working so hard to get that new job, have you ever felt that little voice in your head tell you to take it easy and check out because the hard part is over? Sometimes, it’s your intangible skills that determine whether you get the job, keep your job, or get promoted.

In the book “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills” by Peggy Klaus, 358 randomly selected Johnson and Johnson managers were surveyed on their work performance. The best performing ones possessed significantly higher levels of self-awareness, self-management capability, social skills, and organizational savvy.

You may have all of the necessary qualifications for a job, but what can make or break your chances are skills you can’t learn in school or from training. Find out how Michael’s soft skill of discipline plays out when tempted to procrastinate at his new job.


  1. Paul Miller

    This article was spot on, working in HR I encounter people with amazing hard skills – yet time and time again their soft skills let them down, limiting their career progression in very real ways. Too often we as individuals focus on those university qualifications or IT certifications, and simply forget that while these are important, being able to work with others in a team environment is so important to not only furthering your career, but also to increasing your enjoyment of what you do.

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